70-Year-Old Hiroshi Hoketsu Qualifies for London Olympics

http://a.espncdn.com/photo/2012/0304/oly_a_hoketsu_400.jpgJapanese equestrian, Hiroshi Hoketsu, has qualified for the London Olympics at the age of 70. Damn. However, the report says that it isn't clear yet if he will compete or not.

The oldest Olympian ever was Oscar Swahn, who was a shooter from Sweden. He was 72 years old and competed in the 1920 Olympics.

Hoketsu qualified in France on Thursday and the equestrian officials in Japan will decide if he will be able to participate or not. Hoketsu will also be 71 in a few weeks on March 28.

Hoketsu was in the Beijing Olympics back in 2008, when he was 67, breaking the record for Japan's oldest Olympian. Now he may be able to break his own record if he can play in London.

Congrats to Hoketsu, and hopefully we will be able to see you participate. 

Written by Josh Dhani, Founder

Josh has been writing since January 2009 and has founded the websites FootBasket, Hardcourt Mayhem, Gridiron Mayhem, and Staring Down Spike. For a full bio, check out JoshDhani.com. Follow him on Twitter @JoshDhani

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