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Austin Rivers Hits Thrilling Shot, But Still Bearing Growing Pains

Austin Rivers, at the end of a college hoops spectacular, was mobbed by his teammates, his father, Doc Rivers, among them, went nuts watching his son drill a game-winning three-pointer at the buzzer to beat rivals North Carolina 85-84 Wednesday night in Chapel Hill. As the clock trickled, he pulled up, launched a rainbow three-pointer […]

New England Patriots: Wes Welker Is Bill Buckner?


In the aftermath of the Patriots loss in Super Bowl XLVI, Wes Welker is the scapegoat critics are pointing their fingers at directly, giving him the evil eye. It’s bad enough the Patriots lost, yes, but to describe Welker as Bill Buckner is more than an insult. It’s ignorance, plain and simple, to compare him […]

Brady’s Legacy Takes Gigantic Fall

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There he was, the American profile, leaving the field with his head down, speechless, distraught and disenchanted as the Giants celebrated a comeback victory in Super Bowl XLVI Sunday night. Tom Brady was the hottest commodity in sports for a long time, mainly because he’s the coolest, sexiest athlete who featured in People’s magazine 50 […]

No Worries: Rob Gronkowski Healthy Enough to Make Impact

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He said he’ll be ready to play, against the New York Giants, with his usual intensity and toughness in running routes and grabbing Tom Brady’s passes — a chance to become a Super Bowl hero. That is, if Rob Gronkowski has a signature game-winning catch, similar to four years ago when Eli Manning delivered a […]

For Brady, Super Bowl Victory Validates All

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We knew he was one of the magazine’s 50 most beautiful people before he led the Patriots to Super Bowl XLVI. We knew he was a lucky man, married to Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen. We knew he was the greatest quarterback of all-time in NFL history. But as we are less than 24 hours away […]

Being Disruptive Force, Pierre-Paul Has Much to Offer Giants

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The raw and ferociously competitive mind of Jason Pierre-Paul, or JPP as fans prefer to call him, is turning the disruptive force into an athletic, beastlike American phenomenon. Pretty soon, as you and I know, the Giants No. 90 jersey can become a top selling consumer product, when Pierre-Paul is hastily soaring as a primary […]

Eli Manning On Verge of Rising Above Big Brother

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More than thousands of reporters and photographers crowded at Super Bowl media day – the wildest circus where reporters from all over the world gathered around Eli Manning’s table. There is a suggestion here that he might clearly be the best quarterback in Super Bowl XLVI, or for that matter, on the verge of winning […]

New England Patriots: Is Bill Belichick Best NFL Coach Ever?

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You don’t have to like Bill Belichick, the three-time champion head coach of arguably the greatest Super Bowl team of this generation. He’s not the most likable man, always wearing a dark blue hoodie — an unstylish NFL genius – having a shrewd IQ, even though few believe he’s a fraud after the infamous episode […]

Manning Era May Be Over, If Irsay Says So

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If Apple weren’t invented in this new age of innovation, we seemingly wouldn’t have iPods or iPhones. The same can be said for owner Jim Irsay and the Indianapolis Colts. If they weren’t in dire need of a franchise quarterback, the Colts apparently wouldn’t have seen the emergence of Peyton Manning, the endearing star of […]

Paterno’s Legacy Forever Remains Mystery, but Won’t Be Forgotten

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It wasn’t long ago when Joe Paterno, now in love and memory of what he left behind at Penn State, talked with Sally Jenkins of the Washington Post to give his side of the story publicly on his failure to notify authorities that Jerry Sandusky, his former assistant coach, allegedly had molested young boys. It’s […]

Deja Blue! Fear the Fearsome, Mighty Giants

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SAN FRANCISCO– It’s not hard, as the G-Men are more complete than X-Men or the Fantastic Four superhero team, to identify the best defensive team in the NFL. It was just this moment, this game, this opportunity for the New York Giants to travel to Indianapolis for the Super Bowl. What we have, ladies and […]

Howard’s Next Destination Is Presumably Hollywood

Entertainer, he is indeed. The setting, fittingly, is perfect in Hollywood, a gorgeous city filled with movie stars, lights, cameras and much action, if and when Dwight Howard prefers to leave from Disney World and the sunniest address for a contending franchise in Southern California. It’s clear that he wants out of Orlando to possibly […]

Lakers Can’t Find True Identity From LBJ-Kobe Duel

The audience erupted in roars, primal screams that rattled the arena in South Beach and, when all the folks were seen in seas of black cheering on LeBron James, it was obvious he suddenly was the rising star on this night. It’s a glaring notion that we are witnesses of two megastars that occupy our […]

Tebow Runs Out of Miracles: Patriots End Hype

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He tried to reproduce a miracle, the one that stunned the disbelievers and shocked the world so incredibly, and felt he could beat the New England Patriots. But this time, Tim Tebow, a prodigal son and messiah, couldn’t pull the trigger to quiet the doubters and whisperers. It’s time we realize that Tebowmania has suddenly […]