You know, I just feel very sad for Quentin Richardson. Do you realize how many times this kid has been traded in this recent NBA off-season? Four less than two months! Now, personally, Q-Rich deserves some respect.

After spending his last four seasons with the New York Knicks before the 2009 off-season; he was to the Memphis Grizzlies, then the Los Angeles Clippers, onto to the Minnesota Timberwolves, and now here, stuck with the Miami Heat along with Dwayne Wade. Dwayne Wade might be pretty happy with this move as Q-Rich was his regular off-season workout partner, says ESPN.

But I just don't understand why the teams would trade him. I just think this is crazy. But with him on the Heat now, I think I do have a little sneak preview what he'll look like with them. Here are two good examples, thanks to the guys at the forum in their famous thread called Photoshopping Players In Different Uniforms Three:

Pretty cool pictures, eh? Yeah, I think so. So where were we? Oh yes, we were talking about why would teams trade him. It is actually quite outrageous after witnessing this video on I just hope you understand me on this. I really do believe you should think it is pretty weird that teams would trade a player like Q-Rich.

I like how Richardson rolls. He is a tough and physical player who can score in the most violent ways. This guy can get it up at the post and from behind the arc. Although he has been losing some of his luster as the years have been going by now, as I have observed in his past few seasons lately, I think Richardson can still rule on the court. Richardson is a pretty good rebounder as well, but I really do believe he can make a difference when he steps onto the court, making those cool squeaky shoe noises on the court floor (man that noise is cool!).

You know the video game NBA 2K9? I have an XBOX360 and I play this game frequently whenever I want to play on the video game console (which I rarely do). So here I am playing and I decide to be the Knicks whenever I just want to do a normal game by pressing the "Play Now" button. So here I am with the Knicks as I am managing Q-Rich in the game. And man, every time I play with him, he is just a big-ass dunking machine.

Now when I had family over, every time I play against my cousins like Shawn, Krishna, or Jon; I always say these random things to help me win. So whenever I am the Knicks and Q-Rich has the ball, I yell this cool word for him called "kabashali." I don't know if you can pronounce it, but here is the pronunciation thing that all those dictionaries do: ka-bosh-uh-lee. So yeah, that's just about it. He is truly just an amazing player in 2K9.

But that's just a video game, but I thought I would like to share that story with you...and maybe get a little chuckle (at least one, huh?). But besides of what talent Q-Rich has in those freaking video games, people have got to give him some love, especially you (not you), you NBA general managers.

But with Richardson on the Heat, he can make a difference despite losing his interesting skills now fading away into the darkness like a black hole in where not even light can escape. Q-Rich can't escape. Last year, had averaged about ten points per game, about four rebounds, and about four rebounds, and about two assists per game after playing only 50 games last year.

Richardson will most probably be starting at small forward with Miami or be a backup small forward if Michael Beasley moves to starter at that spot and Udonis Haslem takes over at the spot named power forward. I am going to have to wish all the luck to Q-Rich next year.

If he gets traded again, I might as well just call him and say, "Listen man, when you sign a contract, tell them this: 'I will only sign if you don't trade me like the past, what, like 20 teams that have traded me already in this off-season.'"

So to the NBA teams that have traded Richardson, come on man, give him a break! He has talent. Why don't you let him use it with your team? You will not be a snitch unless if you keep trading Q-Rich, period. So please Heat, don't think about trading him. He has talent, so don't make him waste it.

I stand with my point. Now let's see what you have.

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