For years LeBron James has been arguably the NBA’s top player, thanks to his outstanding complete package, production and talent that barely few could of any time match.

He’s still a league MVP candidate, who won the last two awards in a row because of his supreme play. Even as a young fella in his first game as a pro, he displayed what he had potential to be, what he is and what will he be in his prime. His future is bright, who has a ton of individual accomplishments which lack only one thing that will be enough to make him arguably the finest player ever once when he calls it a career:a championship.

He decided to sign for the Miami Heat, join Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in order to win a dozens of titles that will make him a very all time big legend. He didn’t leave his former team the Cleveland Cavaliers in a right way, even though he’s still not apologized. Despite playing along side a superstar and a star, he still has the most sweetest stats who’s averaging 26 points (leads all in total), dishes out seven assists and grabs seven boards.

He’s arguably the most unique player of all time, who’s got a mix of athleticism, strength and skills that could be also the best from all the great players (Wilt, Shaq) of that caliber once when he’s through. He’s got the body of a typical modern power forward, a superb court vision like “Magic” Johnson, athleticism like Air Jordan, strength of Shaq and a well rounded game like the Big O. That’s a lot of deserved praise.

He is also a very effective finisher at the rim, who often dunks so hard that rocks the rim and puts dozens of men on the poster. Yes, a bunch of his jams often end up at the Sports Center. He’s a walking highlight machine on every step. He can get many and 1 lay ups at easy. Many are afraid of him on the open floor.

Now, he’s hated more than anyone other player to put a jersey and play basketball. However, it doesn’t stop him. When “the return” happened in Cleveland, he dropped 36 points on them without playing the fourth quarter. It’s a new motivation that makes him more focused, a more intense player and can do everything what he’s supposed to do. Another example is how he played against LA on Christmas day, as he recorded a triple double.

In fact, it’s a reason why i think it will be a big motivation for him and why he’ll be a triple double machine for the Heat on every game and Finals MVP plus the title. A championship in South Beach is wanted and is more than welcomed. He shouldn’t be satisfied with only one. He should and will hunt a dozens of rings.

He’s a man on the mission, and i think that he’s capable enough now to be even more productive to win dozens of them. The scary part is that next season, he’ll hit his prime when he’ll be fully developed and even more dangerous. With stars around like Wade and a guy like Bosh, he can dominate even more easier. His assist averages should be off the charts, as he himself said that he’ll be looking to dish the rock more often.

A pair of titles will be enough for once when he retires to be considered as the Greatest Of All Time. I think he honestly will. He may be the standard for comparing players in the near future. As his athleticism will drawn, it’ll depend a lot on his work ethic, will to be great in how good conditioning will he be. His court vision will still make him an excellent player, and the fact that he’s got superb skill set.

The King is a for sure part of the Hall Of Fame and a company full of candidates of the honor of the Best Player In The NBA History candidate, an honor which he truly deserves!

By Darko Mihajlovski

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