Dwight Howard is a strong candidate for the MVP award, but he will not win the award. Orlando Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy made recent comments stating that the media has already dubbed Derrick Rose the MVP. Howard's efficiency rating is higher than Rose and he has played at a high level on both ends of the court.

Despite the issue with the technical fouls Howard has been amazing on the court this season. In seasons past Howard would only rely on dunks and crying his way to the foul line to contribute on the offensive end of the court. A summer with Hall of Fame center Hakeem Olajuwon improved Howard mightily. This season Howard displayed better footwork, shooting touch and craftiness around the bucket.

The traditional big man is a lost art in this day in age of the NBA. Today's league is a perimeter-driven league and rightfully so with players such as LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Derrick Rose and Dwyane Wade. Dwight Howard is the last of a dying breed.

Howard is one of few "big men" who play with their backs to the bucket and possess a defense-first mentality. Howard has always been an All-Star performer, but this year his demeanor on the court and his improved offense has made a world of difference.

Over the past few years many NBA experts have been critical of Dwight Howard. His defense was never a question, but his playful attitude and his limited offensive ability made him an easy target for the media.

Howard still has room to grow, which is scary. This postseason will be a huge test for the Orlando Magic. They have revamped their roster in order to make a championship run. In order to make any type of noise No. 12 will have to don his Superman cape. In the past the "Superman" mantra was all hype. Now the new, improved Dwight Howard has every right to be called Superman.

By Ronnie Hampston


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