Have not been writing here in a while. What better way to restart than a series? We'll be looking at the top three teams in each of the conferences of the NBA. The goal is to find out who we'll be seeing in the NBA Finals this upcoming season. And yes, I still think there will be a season. Probably miss some games but I'm still hopeful. Today's first team is the reigning champs Dallas Mavericks. They are one of the best in the West.

So Dallas is sort of old. Jason Kidd, Dirk Nowitzki, Shawn Marion, and Jason Terry are all over 30 years old. Still, this team should still have some kick and fight left in them. Nowitzki has shown that he may be unstoppable on the floor. The big question is, can he keep it up? In what may be a shortened season, the usual wear and tear of the season won't be so bad so they have a strong chance.

How can they win? Caron Butler should be a factor. He has to be. They recently grabbed Rudy Fernandez too. He's nice and young and should help with his youth. Rodrigue Beaubois was impressive last year too. But Jose Barea will be important in the bench. And I think that's where the Mavericks should still be able to contend. As we saw in the finals, the Maverick bench is what really helped out with beating the Heat. Of course, the Heat didn't have much of a bench anyway but when you have three of the top 10 players in the league, your bench probably won't need to be that great.

The only thing stopping the Mavs is age really. Their offense might need some work though. Dirk did most of the scoring. Terry is a very good scorer too. But hopefully they can get a third scorer involved too. We'll see. Next time we'll look at...well, I'll keep that a surprise.


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