With the Denver Nuggets now out of the playoffs after their Game 7 loss to the Los Angeles Lakers Saturday night, they have many plans towards making the team even better for next year this off-season.

The Nuggets' first step into doing that is to get center JaVale McGee to sign a long-term deal.

However, will they be able to keep veteran point guard Andre Miller to help back up Ty Lawson?

Miller was so-so about being a backup this year, but all signs seem like it's pointing to that he won't be staying with Denver for long after he was traded to them from the Portland Trail Blazers last year on draft-day.

He tells the Denver Post:

“I’ll keep my options open,” Miller said. “At this point in my career, if I’m going to be a backup, I’m going to be a backup on a championship-caliber team. Obviously, this team is a good team thats going to get to the playoffs, but the thing is if they are committed to getting to that next level to compete for that championship.”

“I want to be on a team that’s going to compete for a championship, and not use youth as a crutch or inexperience as a crutch,” Miller said.

“This team does have guys that can compete and can get out of the first round. It’s just whether I can swallow my pride and deal with being a backup point guard. I have no problem with it, but at the same time I definitely still see myself as a starter in this league. Like I said, you have to swallow your pride sometimes. These young guys are coming in and they're working for it. So, that's just part of the business that I'm learning.”

Miller is looking for a championship-caliber team to head to. The Denver Nuggets are young and playoff-ready, but Miller and many others believe they aren't ready to take the next step for being a championship-caliber team yet.

A good fit for Miller could be his hometown team in the Lakers. I think it would be an extremely smart move if Los Angeles dumps Ramon Sessions and pick up Miller. Or, at least, maybe make Miller or Sessions the back-up.

Miller is coming off a pretty solid season from the bench, having 10 points and seven assists averaged per game.

Josh Dhani is the founder of FootBasket. He also contributes at Hoops Authority and Eight Points Nine Seconds. You can read more about him at his website. Follow him on Twitter @joshdhani.


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