2012 NBA Playoffs: Who Will Win? San Antonio Spurs or Oklahoma City Thunder?

Although the Thunder recently mopped the floor with the last two defending NBA champs, Thunder fans should be prepared for an "earlyish" vacation because at this point, I don't see any way that any team can beat the Spurs at this junction in the playoffs.

Sorry Thunder-freaks!

However, instead of discrediting OKC's strengths and highlighting their weaknesses in hopes of exposing reasons why they aren't "title-worthy," I'd rather just speak to why San Antonio is destined to not only win the West, but win the NBA title too.

First off, they are too unselfish and spread the floor too thin for any defense to close out on their shooters.  During this postseason, San Antonio is shooting over 50% from behind the arc, exposing them as the "pass-happy" squad that seems to find open shooters at will.  They have literally had games this year where it seems like their averaging double digit passes per each possession,which has created a multitude of open looks and easy baskets.

Secondly, they are the deepest team in basketball.  Frankly, the Spurs don't miss a beat during games when they sub out their starters, and this balance at every position allows Coach Pop to utilize his full roster and most importantly, rest his stars when he needs to.  Their ability to bring proven, veteran talent off the bench is a luxury that is unmatched by any team in the league.   Also, their role players have been extremely efficient throughout the postseason.

Just ask Charles what he thinks about Kawhi or "Y."

Thirdly, besides KD, DWade, and LBJ, Tony Parker has been the most unguardable player in the postseason and I don't see that changing in the Western Finals.  This year, TP has developed a sweet outside jumper that makes him practically impossible to guard on the pick and roll.  What's more is that Timmy-D is still effective on and off the block, and Ginobili is healthy and hungry.  Between the three of them, you simply don't know which player is going to go off on a given night. Oh, and the Spurs' big 3 plays solid defense too.

Lastly, the Spurs are the most versatile team in the NBA, with the league's best coach.  Similarly to OKC, they don't need to impose their "preferred tempo" in order to be effective on offense, and they can match up at every position on the court on defense. There isn't a weak spot on the floor for them, and they can play any brand of basketball that you toss their way.  Moreover, they don't get frazzled during adversity, and most importantly, they close out games in the fourth quarter.

Is there anything they can't do?

Oh yeah, they can't help but be this good..

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The Mattman

(PS: this was just a short prediction written for the opinionation, for more detailed analysis please view my other NBA Playoff articles)
Matt Silverston is a columnist for FootBasket. He also runs the basketball blog, Mind of Mattman. You can also follow him on Twitter.

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