San Antonio Spurs Parker Duncan GinobiliAny San Antonian will tell you that the Spurs are the greatest team in the history of the NBA, because San Antonians have a lot of pride when it comes to basketball and the Spurs.

Here’s 5 facts most San Antonians will let you know that you didn’t know about this great Texan team.

They Used To Be From Dallas

Tim Duncan Dirk NowitzkiAny Texan fan of basketball knows that there’s a big rivalry between the Spurs and the Dallas Mavericks, with co-workers, friends and sometimes even families caught in the crossfire.

However, not as many people know this interesting little tidbit. Originally, the Spurs were Dallasites.

When the team was first founded in 1967, the Spurs were the “Dallas Chapparals”. It was only in 1973 when a group of San Antonio businessmen purchased the team and quickly changed their name to the San Antonio Gunslingers, and then almost immediately after: the Spurs.

They Won 4 of 5 NBA Championships

Spurs NBA FinalsThe Spurs have statistically been a top performing NBA team for several decades now.

For one, since the team drafted Tim Duncan in 1997, they have made the playoffs every year. Even before that, the Spurs had only missed making it to the playoffs four times since 1976. Perhaps more impressive though, is that of the five times that they have won their conference and made it to the championship game, they have won four of those with the fifth time being this year.

The 2013 Miami Heat broke this trend by beating the Spurs in the Finals in seven games.

They're The Only ABA Team To Win An NBA Championship

Spurs NBA Finals 2005The history of basketball goes back several decades, but the hardcore aficionados will know that in 1976 the American Basketball Association was absorbed by the National Basketball Association (aka the NBA).

The San Antonio Spurs was one of the few surviving teams from the ABA that moved to the NBA. Again, quite impressively, of those surviving teams, the Spurs are the only one that has gone on to win an NBA Championship.

I’ll bet the Heat can’t boast that, can they?

Spurs Are San Antonio's Only Professional Team

Spurs 2013Though San Antonio is the seventh largest city in the United States, the city doesn’t exactly have that many major league sports teams to boast about. In fact, San Antonio has, well, one.

Compare that to Dallas (which by most measures is a slightly smaller city), who have the Mavericks, Cowboys, FC Dallas, Stars, Rangers, etc. When you get a city as big as San Antonio with only one team to rally around, then you know the citizens are going to take the sport seriously.

The Mascot Got Ejected From a Game Once

Spurs Coyote MascotBack in 2005, the Spurs were playing a heated game against the Minnesota Timberwolves. A Timberwolves player accidentally knocked over Beno Udrih, a player for the Spurs at the time.

Another Spurs player got in a verbal fight with the player at fault, and the Spurs Coyote mascot began to approach the court and appeared to be challenging the Timberwolves mascot to a fight. The referee then proceeded to eject the mascot from the game, with most of the fans, players and coaches in shock at the referee’s decision.

Regarding the decision, Tim Duncan said, “That’s the kind of toughness that we have on this team. They were afraid of the Coyote, so they had to toss him. That was incredible.”


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