Cleveland Cavaliers v Boston Celtics, Game 4

It was expected that LeBron James would wear No. 6 with the Cleveland Cavaliers, which was his Miami Heat jersey number and the number he wore for USA Basketball in the Olympics.

It was shown on his website that he would wear No. 6 in Cleveland with a photoshop, but that was quickly taken off. Now it just shows James with a Cavs jersey photoshop, but no number (story here).

So what is James' new number? Is he still going with No. 6? Is he going to back to No. 23 like he did last time in Cleveland?

According to Real GM, James is going back to his high school days and will wear No. 32 during his second stint with the Cavs.


Sam Amico of Fox Sports Ohio reported before James would make his decision to return to the Cavs that he would wear No. 32.

One interesting note from an NBA source: If James returned to Cleveland, he would wear No. 32. He wore No. 23 with the Cavs before and No. 6 with the Heat. The source also indicated James is close to announcing his decision.

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