This will either work out really well for DeAndre Jordan, or it could blow up in his face if his offensive game isn’t on par.

ordan signed with the Dallas Mavericks because he wanted to be a star, and the focal point of the team. Chandler Parsons and Mark Cuban were ultimately able to convince Jordan that he could blossom in Dallas.

“It all came down to him being the best center in the NBA, an All-Star-caliber and MVP-caliber player in this league,” Parsons told ESPN.com. “No doubt in my mind that [opportunity] was here in Dallas.”

Parsons spent six straight days with Jordan, convincing him that he could dominate the NBA.

“I was basically just telling him that we want you,” said Parsons. “You’re our priority. We believe that you can be a 20 and 15 a night kind of guy. We think that you are the best center in the NBA, and we think that there’s no other place better than Dallas [to prove it].

“With coach [Rick] Carlisle’s system, adding guys like me and Wes and Dirk, savvy older veteran point guards like J.J. [Barea] and Devin [Harris] and Raymond [Felton] all around you, we can make you the best player possible that you can be. I think that was the biggest thing that he wanted, and I think he saw that the opportunity was here.

“I think he’s a perennial All-Star. I think he’s the most athletic, best defending, finishing lob threat in the NBA. He has a chance to be the best center in the NBA the next 10 years.”

The Clippers reportedly wanted Jordan to focus on continuing to catch lobs and play defense.

We’ll see how this plays out.

By Glenn Erby


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