The confidence sounds good with the addition of King James, but Magic Johnson also has to know that he’s not suiting up for any battles with the reigning NBA champs.

The Los Angeles Lakers president of basketball operations said he isn’t scared of the Golden State Warriors during a sit-down Wednesday on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."
“I think that we’ll look forward to that challenge. Everybody expects Golden State to win again but I would love to have the challenge to play them in the Western Conference Finals if we can get to that position. I’m a competitor, so I’m not scared of Golden State. I’m not worried about Golden State. They don’t keep me up at night. I know that we have a really solid team, a good team, and a tough-minded team. And we got guys now who are winners.”
Johnson also noted the addition of LeBron James, Rajon Rondo, and JaVale McGee bring in a “championship mentality” to the Lakers.


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