The golfing season is finally here, but you must be a little slack for staying inactive during the cold month. It might be helpful to try out some physical activities first before hitting back the course for a better performance, and of course to avoid unnecessary injuries.

Yes! You can get injured playing golf if your body is not fit enough to make those strong swings. You also need to do some other preparations to get back going in full gear and make sure you have all your golfing needs.

Here are 5 tips that can come in handy for you this golfing season.

Do Some Cardio Exercises

You can hit the gym or simply train at home to get your body back into shape. You do not need intensive cardio workout. Just some few minutes running on the treadmill and some other exercises will get you back your endurance.

You can also do some outdoor jogging to open up your lungs and don’t forget to stretch on a regular basis. A few days of this and you will be ready to hit back the course with some energy and vigor.

Stop Offseason Bad Habits

When we are out of season, we get to drift away and indulge a little which is fine to some extent. But now that we are preparing to get back into action, it is important that we kick some of those bad habits and focus on the task ahead.

Reduce your alcohol intake, watch your diet and don’t just sit around waiting for the season to start. This is the time to shed off some few pounds we had gained to get back in shape.

Buy What You Need Early

You probably want to replace some of your old equipment with some new stuff. You may need some new sticks in addition to other things or golf hitting mats so you can practice at home.

The usual rush just before the season may lead to you spending a fortune on low quality gear. However, if you plan early and do your research slowly and patiently, you are likely to get some good deals and great offers saving you some bucks.

Keep a Positive Attitude

Just when the season is about to keep in, you will most likely not notice that you have a little rust. This is quite normal considering the time you have been out of the course. Be patient and let you game get better with time.

Do not get frustrated when you hit a bad hole or have a bad round. Just keep a positive attitude, motivate yourself and you will soon get back to your level of playing.

Ensure You Have All What You Need

While this might seem obvious, we most often than not forget to include some small stuff that might come in handy. The weather is still unpredictable and might catch you off guard.

Take time to counter check your gear before hitting the course. You might want to have a rain coat just in case it pours, an umbrella, some sunscreen in addition to your playing gear.


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