Working out has become a big part of our culture, meaning that a lot of people are turning to fitness for their own gain. We live in a period that poses a big threat to our environment, so it’s important to have sustainable fitness gear.

If you want to start exercising, here’s the list of eco-friendly fitness equipment.

1. Water Pitcher With Filters

Staying hydrated is a must, but to save water, using a pitcher with filters can be useful. You can use water pitchers to neutralize the PH levels of contaminants found in tap water.

Some products can save you up to 900 water bottles and can tell you when to change the filters. This can be useful if you don't have access to safe tap water, while eco-conscious people can use them to reduce the amount of plastic and water consumption.

Being mindful of the way we consume water can have a positive impact on the environment, therefore it’s crucial to carefully monitor our water waste, especially during the exercise.

2. Reusable Water Bottle

A reusable water bottle is a staple item, due to its environmental benefits. Our oceans are already overfilled with plastic waste, so any type of change means a lot. 

Switching to reusable water bottles can lower plastic usage and reduce CO2 emissions. Reusable plastic bottles are safer because they don't increase the risk of cancer and other malignant diseases.

3. Sustainable Yoga Mat

Unfortunately, most of the yoga and pilates mats contain toxic PVC that can have terrible health consequences. A lot of workouts need a yoga mat, so why not step up your game and get yourself a biodegradable mat that has green materials like jute and natural rubber. 

Besides, make sure that your new yoga mat is hard-wearing, durable, and comfortable. In case you plan to travel, make sure to get the mat that’s easy to fold so you won’t have trouble packing it into your suitcase. 

Besides, having a sustainable yoga mat is great if you’re already planning on being an eco-friendly traveler since it can be a welcome and useful addition to your lightly-packed suitcase. 

4. Sustainable Exercise Garments

If you’re looking to buy new exercise clothes, make sure to get those that consist of natural materials such as organically grown cotton and bamboo, as they are less prone to breaking. 

Also, it’s important to get hypoallergenic and breathable women’s socks, considering that you need to keep your feet safe from sweat. Luckily, there are loads of ethical brands, so choosing eco-friendly gym clothes is easier than ever!

5. Green Active Footwear

Many brands are focusing on recycled materials to create eco-conscious and comfortable footwear. If you’re looking to buy new exercise shoes, make sure they’re durable and have high-performance qualities so you won't risk any injuries. 

When it comes to choosing the right pair of shoes, always make sure that they’re ethically using sustainable and low-carbon materials. 

Wearing sustainable workout clothes can also be beneficial to your finances since this type of gear is often more resistant to tearing, which means more money that could be spent on something else. 

6. Used Workout Equipment

Finding green workout gear isn't always easy, but you can shop for second-hand equipment online or at used sports goods stores. When looking for the right equipment, try to make sure that it’s made to use less energy and it’s made from recycled materials. 

Also, since exercising at the gym can produce a large carbon footprint, it's best to exercise at home and outside whenever you have a chance. Working out outdoors will help you breathe in the fresh air and improve the effects of your exercise. 

Besides, you’ll be able to meet a lot of interesting and like-minded people. Even better, you can invite your friends to group exercises outdoors, as that can be a great chance to meet and spend some quality time together while also being mindful of the environment. 


Finding eco-friendly gear may be challenging, but if you do your research, you’ll be able to get anything you need. Always make sure to check the materials, durability, and brand's ethical values. 

Sometimes, sustainable gear might be a bit pricier, but these products are usually more durable than mass-produced ones. 

Finally, if you feel like you can’t afford sustainable gear, remember that you don’t need to buy everything at once. Instead, take your time to research the products and make sure to buy them at your own pace.


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