One of the great things about tennis courts is that they are beneficial for playing games that aren’t tennis, such as pickleball. This fun and easy-to-learn game has been around since the ’60s and has amassed quite a following since then. 

If you’re ready to give pickleball a shot, there are inevitably going to be some growing pains when you first start. These three easy pickleball tips for beginners will help you successfully start off on the right foot. 

Don’t Choose Style Over Substance

This is a common term used throughout the film community, but what does it mean in regard to pickleball? Some players, especially new players, try to get way too stylish with their hits way too early. 

Don’t worry about hitting the pickleball super hard or with some cool maneuver just because you see experts doing it. When you’re first learning the ropes of pickleball, all you should worry about is whether you can successfully hit the ball in the first place. 

Remember, take baby steps: focus on patience and control because that will ultimately help more than anything. It might sound a bit patronizing, but having that mindset is going to help you thrive on the court instead of struggle aimlessly.  

Always Be Ready

During a pickleball game, don’t simply stand around waiting for the ball to reach. Always be in the ready position. So what is the ready position?

All the key principles of a good ready stance include keeping your feet apart, bending your knees, and keeping your arm/paddle extended outward.

If you’re playing with seasoned pickleball players and they spot you neglecting the ready stance, they’ll see you as the weak link and take advantage of that. By being in the ready stance, you’ll always be properly prepared for when the ball comes your way. 

Commit to the Ball, or Don’t

Among the three easy pickleball tips for beginners, this one might be the easiest and most beneficial. When you’re playing doubles, communication with your fellow teammate is key. 

If the pickleball is arriving at one side of the court and both teammates assume the other will get it, the hit will either be awkwardly fumbled or completely missed. 

Mistakes can also happen if both players go for the ball and collide or interfere with each other’s shots. Simply calling out “me” or “mine” if you’re going for the ball will help clear things up on the court. Plus, calling out “you” or “yours” will help if you see the ball is closer to them than you.

As mentioned above, you can easily play pickleball on any tennis court as long as you have the right gear for the game. Luckily, there isn’t too much additional gear you’ll need to play a successful pickleball match. 

Once you try this intriguing sport for the first time, you’ll understand why it’s so strongly persevered ever since its inception nearly 60 years ago.


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