Sports betting can be a fun hobby, or it may be something that you take seriously. In either case, you may have noticed how you need to strategize your betting process to make any successful bet.

There is real potential to make money from sports betting. Starting from learning the tricks to use when betting in different kinds of sports, how many types of bets you can make, working with the odds, how to make smart bets, and how to save yourself from bad debts.

It is not something you can spend an hour on but something you need to dedicate your time and give attention to detail. Making one good bet to make a lot of money may be a stretch. 

Making small bets and consistently making money over the season adds to your final profit. In this article, you will find all the ways to make smarter sports bets, increase your chances of winning, and become efficient over time.

Be Smart About Your Bets

When you think of smart bets, you may think of crunching numbers. But that is not all. Betting wisely has lots to do with the team you are betting on. Searching for reviews of bookmakers is first and foremost. 

Bookmaker reviews can tell you a lot about the teams and how you should be thinking when making smart sports bets. While your base bet should always be 1% or 2% of your bankroll, you can reduce it even further if you do not feel confident about a particular bet. 

Likewise, increase the bet when you are confident about a bet but never exceed 4%-5% of your bankroll on one bet.

You would also want to avoid any biased judgment in sports betting. No matter how much you like your home team, you cannot place a bet on emotions alone.

You Will Need a Separate Bank Account

It is always convenient to make a separate bank account specifically for betting if you are dedicated. When you open the account, you must invest enough money for an entire gaming season instead of just one game. Think of a base bet and then multiply it 100 times; that's the ideal amount you should always have in your bank account.

If you are new to this and don't have a base bet set, put whatever amount you have set aside for sports betting overall. Then, determine your base bet according to your bankroll- it should be around 1% - 2% of your total bankroll.

Make a Schedule

Do not go for every game that is hyped up. Do not base your bets on someone else's opinion about a game. Make a proper schedule: check the games in the coming weeks, and bet on the ones you are most knowledgeable about and have confidence in. 

Do not be afraid to drop a bet before the game. Intuition works great in betting. You can always walk away or reduce your bet when you see the odds are not in your favor. You can also bet on something else that has potential.

Use Sportsbooks

To place safe bets, you need to have an account with a minimum of one sportsbook (three is ideal). Research your sportsbooks well; some places offer signups bonuses and other rewards to cash in. Most of them are available online one click away.

Bet With a Clear Mind

Betting with a clear mind does not mean betting with a sober mind. It means betting without the influence of any substance in your system and also with a clear understanding and reasoning uninfluenced by biases. 

Surprisingly numerous people place their bets according to their emotional state or their favorite team losing a lot of money. Do not make the same mistake.

Avoid Bad Bets

You are supposed to make errors in judgment. You will also lose bets and your money in the process. Let it be a learning step rather than a personal vendetta. Try to avoid chasing after a bad bet by additional betting after losing the initial one to regain your losses. 

To win back what you have lost, you may be tempted to bet some more or chase after the bet you thought would be very profitable, but it is futile.

Similarly, chasing after a good bet – the one you won- can also prove futile. Just because you were right once does not necessarily mean it will be the same outcome every time. The odds in games change continuously, and you need to be smart about your betting.

Get to Know About Money Lines

Money lines are the positive or negative numbers linked to each team in a match. It refers to how much you must bet to win $200 or how much you would be making if you bet $200. 

The money line can be -300 on team A or +200 on team B, this tells us that you must bet 300 dollars on team A to win $100, or you must bet $100 on Team B to win $200. The team linked to the negative number is the team that is favored, the latter being an underdog.

Matched Betting

You can take advantage of any incentive or bonus offered by the sportsbooks to bet for and against a team to increase your chances of making a gain either way. It is as risk-free as you can get in sports betting.


Sports betting is enjoyable, but it can be a tedious process. If you are looking to get into it seriously, there are many things that you will need to go through and learn about. 

Remember, practice makes perfect. Losses are just tomorrow's gains. Always place safe bets and avoid taking loans for betting purposes. 

You may want to learn about correctly betting according to your bankroll, learn about money lines, and point spreads, and understand parlays. Don't be afraid to bet on the underdogs; sometimes, they make the big wins.


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