This is Josh Dhani's sixth and final article for the CBS Correspondent Competition.

The 1958 Indianapolis Colts were my favorite Colts team of all-time.

Many of the other fellow Colts fans picked the 2006 Colts or the any other Colts team in the 2000's era.

But I picked something unique.

The year of the 1958 Colts. 1958, that is close to 40 years before I was born! Led by superstars like Johnny Unitas, Alan Ameche, L.G. Dupre, Lenny Moore, Raymond Berry, Art Donovan, and many many more.

Then came the best game in NFL history: the 1958 NFL Championship. It changed the game of football and the world around it. Such an exciting thing to see. 17 people who took part in the game are now in the Pro Football Hall of Fame!

There it was, the fourth quarter. It was 17-14, New York Giants, after a Conerly-to-Gifford 15-yard touchdown pass. The Colts were down and had to tie the game. No worries: kicker, Steve Myhra, tied the game for Baltimore to make it tied at 17.

It was overtime, the first in NFL history. The Colts drove down 80 yards in 13 plays. There it came, the play the changed the sport of football. Colts down at the one, Alan Ameche gets the hand-off and...scores! Touchdown, Baltimore!

23-17, Colts.

The greatest game ever played.

The greates team to ever play.


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