It was the Carmelo Anthony Show when he scored 34 points and grabbed nine rebounds to lift the Nugs over L.A. in Game Two of the Western Conference Finals. Mark J. Terrill/AP

Oh man, oh man! I thought the Lakers will beat the Nuggets easily when I was watching the first quarter, but hey, I guess I was wrong! The Nuggets really impressed me and they are not out of the playoffs. Not yet. Not one single bit. It may be a short or long series. Let's ask the expert.

"It's going to be a long series," George Karl, Nuggets coach, told ESPN.

The Nuggets finally got back at the Lakers after that one win about eleven Nuggets-Lakers playoff games ago. Year? You might think it was in 1990 or 2000. No way! 1985!! Man, do you realize how long ago that was? 24 years! That's the age of LeBron James for hell's sake!

Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billups were a powerhouse together, with 'Melo getting 34 points and Billups having 27. Linas Kleiza helped out with 16 and Nene was tied for first with rebounds with nine, along with 'Melo. Nene also chipped in nine points as well as six assists. On The Carmelo Anthony Show, it probably stopped for a moment on Please Stand By when Anthony twisted his ankle.

But the show came back on when he announced he will be ready for Game Three of the Western Conference Finals.

Besides the Nuggets poppin' bottles, Kobe didn't like he did last time with his 40 points. In that game, he had 32 points, including being ten-for-ten on his free throws. With this loss, the Lakers fall to 7-2 in the playoffs. Besides Kobe's 32, Pau Gasol performed well as he was 17 years old that day, bringing in 17 points and splattering 17 rebounds.

Then came 20 points from Trevor Ariza, who I must say, did pretty well. This was his playoff career-high!

Kenyon Martin was all good on defense when he led the Denver Nuggets in blocks (one) and steals (three).

So that is that. The Nuggets brought revenge to bring in Game Two, winning 106-103. Derek Fisher missed the last-second three to tie the game, making everything great for the Nugs. Now, coming up next on NBA Talk, is the Cavs and Magic. Cavs finally have a challenge. Will LeBron's supporting cast improve, or will it slump like the last game (or maybe all year long!).

Howard vs. James: the fight continues....and NBA Talk will bring the recap with voice. Stay tuned for another edition, and don't forget to enjoy it!

Nuggets-Lakers Recap (Courtesy of NBA.com)


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