Remember that Michael Jordan three-pointer over Craig Ehlo? Cleveland is now known for a new buzzer-beater with the King's three-pointer over Hedo Turkoglu. Tony Dejak/AP

Don't you remember a couple of year's ago when Michael Jordan made a buzzer-beater three-pointer over Craig Ehlo? Well now, Cleveland fans can forgot about that! Cleveland is now officially known for a new buzzer-beater, and it is credited to yours truly: LeBron James. Another number 23 has made a buzzer-beater for the Cavs in the playoffs.

With that said, the Cavaliers beat the Magic by only one point: 96-95.
The shot that changed everything in the game. As you can see the people in the background, they look shocked. David Richard/AP

The Cavaliers really took it strong towards the Magic this game. After failing last time with two horrible shots by Delonte West and Mo Williams that could have won the game for Cleveland, LeBron James did it himself and it made perfection.

And guess what makes it more crazy. The shot was from 23 feet! So that is three 23's I have mentioned: one from Jordan, one from the King, and finally, one from the court.

"That guy [Michael Jordan] is not in the league anymore," the King told ESPN. "The other 23 is on the good side now."

It was just a shocking game. Just watching as Mo Williams lobs a pass toward LeBron and the King fires! And guess what? It is in and over 20,000 fans in the arena were in shock, but the shock was good!

James said that was the biggest shot of his career while the fans were roaring. The biggest shot of his career? Hhmm, let's see, oh yep it is! Exactly 20 years later after the Jordan over Ehlo shot, it is now going to be known as a James over Turkoglu shot.

Actually, it was going to be known a Turkoglu shot when he hit a twelve-footer to take a lead for the Magic, just exactly one second after Hedo would go into hell. Hell happened for Turkoglu, as James gave him coal for Christmas. Also, according to ESPN, James leads the NBA in most three-pointers in the playoffs, since 2006, with 30!

Lebron James finished with 35 points, with one of the three points changing the whole game. Rashard Lewis, the man of Game One between the Cavs and Magic in the Eastern Conference Finals, finished with 23 points, leading the team. Despite Turkoglu pretty much watching The Exorcist with the LeBron James shot, he went back to SpongeBob with his 21 points.

Dwight Howard finished 20 points under the amount of points he had in Game One. He had ten points in 96-95 loss. But he was credited with 18 boards. Mo Williams, who was credited with the pass to James to setup the three, had 19 points while big old Zydrunas Ilgauskas had twelve points and flopped 15 rebounds.

So when last time when the Magic didn't bow down to the King, they had to pay for it. Superman was weak from the kryptonite: LeBron James. And Hedo Turkoglu didn't receive anything but coal for Christmas while LeBron James receives everything. What will happen in Game Three? Despite that the King doesn't have a strong supporting cast, they still went away.

Could it be that the supporting cast of Howard and James take a big part in this series?

I think so.

Now here it comes, tonight! Could Carmelo continue his run of The Carmelo Anthony Show versus the Lakers, or will Kobe return to be popping bottles? We'll see! Stay tuned for another episode of....NBA Talk.

Magic-Cavs Recap (Courtesy of NBA.com)


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