Written by Matt Miselis

The National Football League begins to face the drama that is Michael Vick, who on Thursday returned to his home to finish the rest of his sentence for the damage he caused from federal dog fighting.

In a time where the NFL began to give more harsh punishments on athletes who damage the league's reputation, including damaging their personal life-hood which ruins their talents.

Whether the league likes it or not, it is once again time to make a decision on a disciplinary issue, this time on Vick.

Has Vick learned his lesson? Has he matured according to Roger Goodell'sstandards?

Who knows how he has changed during his time behind bars. Vick has come out ans said he is going to be a much better person, a changed man.

However, doesn't everybody say that?

It is two seasons now that Vick has not played football, a big disadvantage to him.

Yes, only two seasons, however much has changed.

On the offensive side of the ball, the wildcat offense has emerged around the league. There also seems to be much more balanced playbooks, and less quarterbacks getting any production if they try to run.

Currently a property of the Atlanta Falcons, Vick is hoping for one team to make an offer for the troubled quarterback, so he can get back on the field.

Surprisingly, multiple teams may have interest in trading for him, despite the baggage that comes with it.

Sure, it is a gamble that won't be a big price to trade for, but why bother?

Missing one season in the NFL due to injury or suspension is difficult enough.

But two seasons?

Michael Vick will have to show a great work ethic if he can get on back in the NFL.

His speed has probably decreased, and will have to learn a new system wherever he goes, that frankly it will be tough for him to find success as he did early in his career.

Is there anybody who is willing to take the quarterback, along with his baggage?

A notable fit for Vick would be a team such as the Dolphins, or somebody who would use him as their weapon for the wildcat offense.

News has also broke of the New England Patriots and the Oakland Raiders being the leading candidates for his services.

It is a bit of a surprise that the Pats do have interest in him.

Yet again, Belichick was able to control Randy Moss, and with Tom Brady coming off surgery, adding the wildcat to the offense.

The Oakland Raiders aren't that big of a surprise of being interested in Vick, as they were named the leading team for him the day he received the suspension from the NFL.

How would he fit with the Oakland Raiders? With two quarterbacks in Russell and Garcia fighting for the starting job, along with McFadden who is their playmaker in the backfield.

A dark horse in all of this? The Seattle Seahawks make sense for Vick, who if still has the ability in him, can bring the new look to the offense, where there is questions about Michael Vick.

Even though there are many options that the Falcons may have, it is a mistake for any team to trade for Michael Vick.

Bringing in Vick will bring publicity wherever he goes. On the positive side that some franchises are thinking, a raise in revenue is more then likely, with spectators wanting to get a look at him on the field.

The negative? The Dog Lovers are coming to town.

Lets face it; in people's minds, dogs are more important then people on the streets.

Rebellion is always waiting to happen, and with this occurring all over America, Vick will be followed, and can guarantee he will not be comfortable.

Don't take this the wrong way; I do wish all the best for Michael Vick. I have nothing against him.

The odds don't stack against him, however. And with where we are in this country, and experience how people are treated, Michael Vick playing in the NFL in the future is a trainwreck waiting to happen on one of these franchises.

Matt Miselis is a writer for Bleacher Report, MVN, and FootBasket.


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