Written by Brandon Ribak, creator of Fantasy NBA Zone.
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In what seemed to be a spinning image of Game One, turned out to be a Cleveland win and one of the most amazing playoff victories of my time.

The Cavaliers came out firing, just as they did during Game One. James and Co. took a commanding, 14-point, lead at the end of the first quarter, and as much as a 23-point spread throughout the second quarter.

LJ scored a game-high, 35 points, off of 12-23 FG shooting.

For all Cavalier players and fans, there was no way they were going to be defeated in Game Two. But before they knew it, Orlando had taken their first lead of the game with five and a half minutes remaining in regulation.

With 13.6 seconds left during the fourth quarter and the game tied at 93, Orlando Magic's, Hedo Turkoglu, drove to the basket, raised up for the shot, and nailed a two-point jumper—giving the Magic in what seemed to be the second game-winning shot during the two games in this series thus far.

With exactly one second remaining, the Cavaliers passed the ball in from half-court to no other than LeBron James.

Without any hesitation, James went up for the three-pointer and nailed the shot, ending the game at 96-95, and tying the series at one.

In the midst of all the historic commotion, the Magic actually won in my book. Not only did they come back from a 23-point lead at one point, they also proved that they are a better team than the Cleveland Cavaliers.

It took the Cavaliers a last second three-point buzzer beater to tie a series that they were down in at their own home court. The team that went 39-2 at home and nearly breaking history, were inches away from being behind two games to none and heading into their opponents arena.

Orlando was definitely upset about this loss, but I can guarantee you that they are already focused on winning Game Three back at home. They truly persevered and never gave up throughout the entire game and have shown the NBA world that they have what it takes to beat the Cavaliers in this series.

Besides, Orlando has already witnessed two other game winning shots against themselves in the playoffs thus far.

Kudos to LeBron James and his miracle shot. He has the eye of a tiger and the heart of a champion—but regardless of his magnificent abilities—the Magic can and will conquer this series.


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