Kenyon Martin and Mark Cuban might start a feud, it's Thug vs. Coward. Picture provided by Garden Grasp

First, it was Mark Cuban spazzing out when the Carmelo Anthony call wasn't called while 'Melo hits a game-winning three. Second, Cuban spazzes out even more when he goes up to Kenyon Martin's mom and calls his son a thug and a lot of other Nugget players.

Third, you got Kenyon Martin really mad when some reporters ask him about the Cuban situation. It sounded scary when Martin said, "I'll take care of it." I was like, oh crap, Martin is going to beat the living daylights out of Cuban. Fourth, Martin doesn't, oh man. Then you get Cuban apologizing on his blog! That isn't the right way to do it!

Now we are here, Kenyon Martin now calls Mark Cuban a coward. Thanks to ESPN and Hoops Hype.com, Martin said this quote:

"He's a coward. He couldn't face it. You all read the only apology that he's made [on his blog]. The world got to see it before the person who it was meant for got to see it. That tells you how that goes. I ain't never known nobody apology to somebody through other people."

--Kenyon Martin

But says it was a "mistake" saying an apology on his blog. He meant to say it to Ms. Moore, Martin's mother, in person. Oh really? I don't think so. First, why would you say someone's mom's son is a thug? I mean seriously! That's childish. And also, you just get Kenyon Martin ticked off, and Cuban is all happy as he tries to be all manly when he is not even close to that!

That's just messed up. Then Cuban responds back to the "coward comment" by writing something in his blog post. Another expert:

"I would also like to know if Kenyon is going to take responsibility for his actions rather than hiding behind "no comment." Will he apologize to the wife of our staff member that he called a [expletive] fat pig' immediately after Game 3? Will he apologize to fans that he threatened to, and I'm paraphrasing here, "[expletive] beat the [expletive] down" during Game 4? Or to the fans he walked by after Game 4, [Martin] cursed and gave the finger to? Will he take responsibility for what he said and did? Is there some reason he has not?"

I got to admit, he does kind of have a point there, but Cuban, you made him do it! Well, Martin already got Cuban back again with that 124-110 win to advance in the playoffs, destroying the Mavs, 4-1, in the series.

"Me and my mom ain't going to lose no sleep if we don't talk to Mark Cuban" Martin told ESPN. "We're going to lay our head down and sleep well every night. I'm still playing right now. [Cuban's] got time to think about all that. I got games to win right now. So give [Cuban] time to think about [what he might do]."

Let's see what he might do.


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