By Josh Dhani, Owner of FootBasket
Lakers rolled, and so did Pau Gasol (Picture from ESPN.com)
The Lakers really handed it to the Rockets. They kept their stride and won by 19 points. With no Ming and McGrady, the Rockets got the Lakers that one time. But that was only that time! This time, the Lakers won't take that B.S. They got Houston back and they won it, taking them badly! For me, I hate the Lakers, so I wanted Houston to win. But hey, I got to hand it to them!

So it was Game Seven, bring up the pressure, you got no game! The Lakers brought the pressure to the Rockets. How so? First, you got Pau Gasol just killing the Rockets on both sides of the court. You got Kobe Bryant not taking that many shots, but hey, he fooled the Rockets and made passes to his wide-open teammates to make them sink the easy shots.

The Lakers played with emotion, making Pau Gasol have dominating stats with 21 points. But it isn't over: an additional 18 rebounds. The Lakers were playing like that one-seeded team they always were. So that's the Lakers and the Rockets.

Los Angeles and Denver, oh boy! That's going to be one heck of a game. Carmelo vs. Kobe. This is going to be a fight!

What is the next game we go to? Oh right, the Orlando Magic pummeling the Boston Celtics, 101-82. I am so sorry to Graham Brunell, a very huge Celtics fan and writer and the head writer of Celtics 17. But hey, I got to recap it.
Magic vs. Celtics
Rashard tries to get a shot up by Kendrick Perkins (Picture from PicApp.com)

So, like everyone called it, it was a "Magic Touch." You get Hedo Turkoglu hitting up shots as he poured on 25 points and spilling in twelve assists.

"I believe we can win a championship. We're not going to stop going after one until we get it. We have the right team. We have the talent. We have the coaches. It's just on us to go out there and play hard. I have a long way to go, but I'm still hungry," Dwight Howard told ESPN.

Howard didn't score much in the game, but he did put the boards. He piled up twelve points and slithered in 16 rebounds. So, that Big Baby shot really didn't matter, huh? The Magic will advance towards the third round of the playoffs, as they face the hungry Cleveland Cavaliers to advance to the Finals. How will take the gold. We will find out in seven, six, five, or maybe even four games to see who makes it. And oh, what a fight it'll be.

Rockets-Lakers Recap (provided by ESPN.com)

Magic-Celtics Recap (provided by ESPN.com)


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