Written by Mitchell Timp

A-Rod and Steroids.

Brett Favre and the un-retirment

Which story is older?


Again the story is flaring about A-Rod and steroids. What do you think? A-Rod is one of those people in the news of taking steroids because he admitted that he did use them. But the real story is people think he had taken them longer than he said. If he took them longer, though wouldn't you see him play better? Sorry, but that is all I know, so let's move on to Brett Favre.

Brett Favre

Again, Brett Favre might come out of retirement, AGAIN, and play for the Vikings! Last year, he came out of retirement and was traded to the Jets. Then he announced a retirement and was released by the Jets. Then he announces he might come out of retirement. Now he wants to sign with the Vikings.

So what story is older? You tell me!


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