Yeah, you read it. It's another interview. Heck, I love interviews, don't I.

After an interview with Scottie Cordier, the cornerback for Cal Poly, and then another one with Jerel Myers, a wide receiver for the BC Lions of the Canadian Football League, this has to be one of the bests I think.

This is my interview with Indianapolis Colts wide receiver, Pierre Garcon.

I contacted Pierre in about April or May and I was wondering if he would ever respond back. I thought he never would. I contacted him at his website, PierreGarocnLive.com.

Then, on June 21, I went to the Email app of my cell phone and saw a name saying "Pierre Garcon." I was like, "Could this be it? Is this actually Pierre Garcon?"

If he was, I thought he said he couldn't do it because he was extremely busy. But I guess he wasn't, he said this in these exact words:

Hey what's up man, yeah we can do an interview.
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It was tight, I know.

I just couldn't believe I was going to have an interview with a player on the Indianapolis Colts. Garcon is truly a rising star in the NFL and I think he is probably going to be the starting punt/kick returner.

Here is my ultimate and spectacular interview with Pierre Garcon. And trust me, you'll be satisfied.

Josh Dhani: What is it like being drafted by the Colts last year?

Pierre Garcon: It was the greatest feeling in the world. I couldn't have come to a better team. [It was a] perfect situation and to learn from great future Hall-of-Famers.

JD: Is there competition going on between you, Roy Hall, and Austin Collie to play at slot receiver spot?

PG: There is completion going on everyday in the NFL. It wouldn't be football without competition.

JD: What's it going to feel like when you score your first ever NFL touchdown?

PG: I don't know yet but I know it will be a great feeling and I will be very happy.

JD: Are you going to be the starting punt/kick returner this year?

PG: I hope so but I don't know the team could have other plans for me. But I'm working as if I am the starter.

JD: Were you ever nervous coming into your first NFL game?

PG: Yes, I was very nervous but I knew what I had to do, so that made me feel more comfortable.

JD: How does it feel getting your first ever NFL catch from one of the bests: Peyton Manning?

PG: It was great. It's an honor to play with him and all of the other great guys on the team.

JD: How do you feel about Colts drafting Donald Brown?

PG: Donald is a very good player and I'm glad he is here. He will help us out a lot.

JD: What are your goals for this season?

PG: To win the conference, have home field advantage in the playoffs, and win the Super Bowl!

I was so glad to have this interview with Pierre! He was a real nice guy to talk to and I wish him and the Colts all the luck this year! Watch out for this kid this year, he is going to be spectacular!

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