Written by Brandon Ribak

Flat out, tonight's game will ultimately determine who wins the NBA Finals this season.

Many people usually believe Game Five is the deciding factor on whether a team makes or breaks their opportunity at becoming royalty and being placed into the record books for all of NBA eternity.

But for me, I beg to differ.

If the Los Angeles Lakers capture a victory during tonight's game, they will then increase their lead, 3-1 on the Orlando Magic.

That said, there is no possible way that any team (not just Orlando), can comeback, tie, or defeat the Los Angeles Lakers when they only need one more victory to crown themselves the kings of the NBA.

Just think about it. If Kobe Bryant was up 3-1 against the Magic, don't you think he would come into the game with the mindset of absolutely terrorizing anybody in his path, and not let anyone physically hold him back from capturing his first ring without Shaquille O'Neal?

On the other hand, if the Magic do indeed tie the series up, that could mean serious trouble for the Lakers.

With the momentum obviously on Orlando's side and luckily having one more game at the Amway Arena, don't you think the Magic would come out and shoot even 80 percent if they had to, to grab that third victory in the series?

Since Game Four is clearly a series changing win for either team, let's dig into what both finalists have to do tonight to steal the win and give themselves the edge on winning the NBA Title.

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