They have a few things in common, labeled as NBA’s most appealing stars. Just in this season, whether, we have relished their player’s introductions and are accustomed of their cartoonish psyche.

So much idolatry is insatiably circulated in the basketball atmosphere, when it relates to LeBron James and Shaquille O’Neal. Um! Wonder if Nike’s creativity will unleash a puppet ad, with James and Shaq sharing a title?

Together, they are a perfect tandem to develop life in Cleveland, a dispirited town that hasn't won a major championship since 1964, a town with many indignities that just won’t vanish from a town that should have rocked this season.

Shaq realizes he might be the town's cure and purge memories of The Shot, The Drive, The Fumble and The Choke, which wasn’t genuine until migrating to the city that presumably rocks.

For the big man who traveled from the east to the west, from the land of Disney to the celeb-life of Hollywood. Then, he found life on the beach and recently in the desert as the self-proclaimed Big Cactus.

Assuming Shaq has enough diesel fuel to last for at least two more season, the Big Diesel's next pit stop was confirmed Wednesday evening.

Moreover, his journey as the most dominant center will close with the Cleveland Cavaliers, where he’ll share the ball with King James. And if anyone is concerned if their personalities won’t coexist, then reconsider your theory.

It’s like Kobe and Shaq reoccurring, or Wade and Shaq repeating itself. After all, the rumors developed into truthful chatter of the Phoenix Suns sending Shaq to Cleveland for Sasha Pavlovic and Ben Wallace, a second round pick in 2010, and $500,000 in cash.

It’s a masterminded deal, and makes the Cavs ownership much smarter than the dauntless Suns.

Keep in mind it was a steal—they traded away two players who didn’t cost them much, so if the Diesel turns into a disappointment, it wouldn’t be much of a loss. The Cavs front office hurried to refurbish missing pieces and grasp awareness from the latest collapse of the Orlando Magic in the Eastern Conference finals.

Sure, owner Dan Gilbert knew significance of upgrading, not only to remove complex failures, but to bridle LeBron from traveling to the heart of the East in New York. The fans there are already coveting his potential arrival when he’ll be eligible for free agency in 2010.

This means there’s only one year remaining on LeBron’s contract, so adding Shaq could bribe him to stay in his hometown.

In fact, fans have embraced LeBron mightily when he received his Most Valuable Player award at his high school, including at home games, where the baby powder antics fascinate fans to cheer on their hometown hero.

Remember, he’s the King of the court, kindling the hearts of many with his thrilling buzzer beater that saved the Cavs from being swept in the Eastern Conference Finals. It dismissed memories of Michael Jordan’s heart-wrenching shot, and inaugurated memories of The Shot of King James.

By bringing aboard Shaq’s diesel fuel, it will fuel a dormant town and could halt the New York Knicks president, Donnie Walsh of stealing the superstar from Cleveland. If Shaq wins his fifth title to even the Kobe-Shaq-O-Meter, for those keeping track, it could fortify his legacy.

But importantly, it could reassure staying home in Cleveland with a title. Wouldn’t it be the most-appealing NBA Finals, better than Boston vs. Los Angeles or Orlando vs. Los Angeles, if it was the Lakers vs. Cavs?

I’ll guess many think it would be the greatest Finals ever, indeed the most publicized Finals, involving a much-friendlier matchup between Shaq and Kobe—one of the greatest sports feuds that in the league.

The NBA blessed us with a graceful Christmas present in two seasons, when the Lakers played the Miami Heat on a traditional holiday known for gathering with relatives, feast and rip apart presents to unveil what’s behind the furtive gift wrap.

In those two seasons, we saw Kobe vs. Shaq after their heinous divorce and watched them feud. Sure, it won’t be a result next time, but it will improvise an intriguing Final, via the greatest historically.

Even now with LeBron manifesting his next destination by wearing a Yankees’ cap and promoting his shoes a few years ago in Yankees colors, still doesn’t firmly validate his next home will be with the Knicks at Madison Square Garden.

After showing unsportsmanlike behavior in the loss to the Magic, the New York media will criticize LeBron harshly and mock his sore losing nature.

At least for now, the two greatest superstars are a combination, assembled as one to entertain us and control NBA’s programming schedule next season, as basketball viewers are appointed to watch and brace.

Let’s be realistic, Shaq isn’t the dominant force he was years ago. And there's much bickering to settle, after he criticized Stan Van Gundy and Dwight Howard, remember?

That said he may slow down LeBron, who admires running the transition game. But as we understand, having a sizable center in the interior establishes a post presence to compete with the physique Howard.

Playing as LeBron’s sidekick, Shaq is healthy and robust enough to collect boards.

He can hold opposing players outside the paint, with size and height advantage, which transform them into a championship contender. For the Suns, Shaq played 75 games and averaged 17.8 points and 8.4 rebounds a game, good numbers for a 37 year old man, which will make him the oldest among his teammates.

He obviously doesn’t have to present much as a starter, and here are the reasons why. With an explosive scorer like the charismatic James, Shaq can capture his fifth title without being assigned a tough task.

And James is also exceptional creating plays for his teammates, of which there will be numerous times when he’ll dish a pass to Shaq inside for unstoppable power shots.

Now he’s a resident of Cleveland, improving the landscape of basketball and putting spirit back. Once again they’ll utter CLEVELAND ROCKS! Well, you will soon find out.

For now, it rocks as there’s no tandem as equipped as King James and Shaq Diesel.


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