Kobe Bryant has been fairly busy this offseason.

After winning his "Shaq-less" fourth NBA title and receiving his first NBA Finals MVP just last June, the Los Angeles Lakers' guard has added a few more miles in his already wornout legs.
His currently on a six-city Asia Tour, that includes these Asian Cities: Manila, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Chengdu.

The tour is mainly to promote his new Nike shoes, reach out to his fans all over the world, and to teach and play basketball to whoever is willing to play and learn.

During one of his basketball clinics, he played a game of one on one with a college player in one of the Asian cities.

This matchup was the simple story of student meets the teacher. The student had no chance.

It's simple enough to know who plays the role of student and teacher in this situation. Although Kobe didn't play his fullest, he still managed to teach the kid a lesson or two in playing a superstar.

Kobe showed an array of moves from the little exhibition play. He showed off his footwork, defense, and mid-range jumpers.

The most impressive play, Kobe made, was his signature pump-fakes he does so, so well. His defender was biting off those fakes as if he had burning coal beneath his feet, until finally, the fourth pump-fake. Kobe released the ball off his magical fingertips and, as if on cue, the ball swished through the hoop.

Kobe still has a few cities left in his hectic schedule, and a few more opportunities to teach the students of basketball how he plays the game, or at least school them.

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