Written by Shawn Dhani

Every since the Brandon Marshall Saga that has been going on, many fans may think that starting quarterback Kyle Orton should be worried.

He shouldn't be.

If Brandon Marshall leaves, like to teams like the New York Jets or the Baltimore Ravens, Denver has already found a replacement, and most importantly, so does Orton.

The former New England Patriots wideout Jabar Gaffney, could be a valuable replacement.

Gaffney has shined on the NFL turf quite a bit.

But the question is, can he take the pressure?

It's going to be tough, but I think Gaffney could handle the pressure he could face if Marshall leaves.

In my opinion, I think Gaffney and Orton will work out well with each other.

I am a San Diego Chargers fan, and when Gaffney faced them, he was one heck of a player to witness.

He is just the guy you need with the hand, and get a good amount of yards after the catch.

We all probably witnessed that touchdown Gaffney had against the Pittsburgh Steelers during the Patriots 16-0 season in which Gaffney caught an amazing, wide open, pass from Tom Brady, in which the play looked like a bit of a Flea Flicker.

If Gaffney can be a star with Tom Brady, heck, maybe he can shine with Orton as well.


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