Written by Krishna Dhani

ESPN.com reports that former wide-receiver for the Cleveland Browns Donte' Stallworth speaks his mind in court.

One of the Miami judges thought their were going to be arguments on the suspended Cleveland Browns wide receiver but instead there weren't any.

Donte' wanted to cut time on his probation and his house arrest, which were apart of his DUI manslaughter plea bargain. One of the hearings took place on Tuesday morning.

Stallworth had only served 24 days in jail of the 30. This was all due to his manslaughter on March 14, were he ran over an innocent pedestrian.

One of the police officers said that Donte' Stallworth was drinking and spending the at a Miami Beach nightclub. The next morning he had killed a pedestrian while driving.

His horrible plea was two whole years at community control (Miami's version of house arrest). He also had eight years of probation, drug and alcohol testing, the worst was that he had his license suspended for the rest of his life.

Now that Stallworth has a indefinitely suspension by the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Stallworth had signed a $35 M. seven-year contract last season but since was so injured that time he couldn't play.

From now on it looks like Stallworth won't has such a great time, and hopefully he has learned his lesson.

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