The greatest little man stood up, and survived the tallest men in sports. Of course, everyone was intrigued whenever Allen Iverson had tough-minded and dynamic performances, which attracted fans across the world.

He entertained us magnifying children as a role model, in which he was idolized and his singular actions were imitated on a regular. At 34, Iverson has prospered in triumph, entering the season with the fifth-highest scoring record in NBA history.

But, as we know, lingering flaws are battering and forced Iverson to announce an early retirement on Wednesday. This is an outlandish and corrupt way for a future Hall of Famer to end a lifelong career, remembered mainly for needless interrupts. From most perspectives, his fame isn't anywhere near destruction, and seems hidden flaws are dismissed.

One reason he's not playing for any team and decided to forgo his momentous career, havoc followed and pointless baggage no team needed as a burden. Pathetically, his selfishness and ego cut ties with multiple teams of late, flaws which blinded popularity and unparalleled achievements. Since then, Iverson hasn't been identified as the Answer, allowing his dispirited nature to leave toxic behind in Detroit and Memphis, cities where he was reluctant to compromise.

If he failed getting his way, then he cried as if he was a baby who cried for the basketball. He cried for not getting enough touches and playing time, which wore out teams rapidly and ended brief stints in Denver, Detroit and Memphis. His lone MVP honors, NBA Finals appearance are disastrous considering an unhappy ending and unfinished business, when no teams are currently interested in taking on a risk.

There's a team inclined to endorse a perilous journey, and sign Iverson to a one year deal. Right now, he's not considered a point guard when he's a shoot-first guard. That makes Iverson seem as if he's a two guard, and doesn't grasped an idea of teamwork.

Iverson has enough in the tank, but need to accommodate with teammates. His unique style has been forgotten as the man is known for illogical blemishes. But the mission isn't completed, still needing to arrive on the biggest stage and capture his first NBA title.

If Iverson is coveted, he must override ego and selfishness and reform as team player instead of an individual. Until then, he's officially retired after 13 miraculous seasons and walking away from the game is cowardly, if he truly believed he had a dazzling NBA career.

As of now, memories of his scoring titles are gone. As of now, memories of his wonderful shooting nights are gone. As of now, AI is gone. Out of the NBA picture is the Answer who departed with a valid answer, but pleased a significant amount of folks. They couldn't care less about Iverson, when some are emotionally shock of his ultimate decision to depart from the game he seemed very passionate playing, but selfish on sharing the wealth with teammates.

And since he feels unwanted, Iverson walked away from the game. If a team called him sometime this week, he'll ponder options and reconsider playing. Then, he maybe could finish out his career on a stronger note, and earn back the trust level if he performs as a distributor more than a shooter.

Lately, critics are finding anything just to send home Iverson for good. Average critics insist he has lost his swaggering and seems a step slower than in previous seasons. As he's aging, Iverson is probably slower, but it's difficult confirming that he no longer could dominate at will. But for now, Iverson has waved farewell until a team welcomes the superb scorer still devoid of a championship.

More so, he has ridden the NBA train throughout his career. After leaving behind a long tenure in Philly, he was traded to Detroit, where he was eventually traded for Chauncey Billups, who led the Nuggets to the Western Conference Finals. As for the Pistons, a promising season toppled and misery became an issue.

Iverson insisted he was injured, but seemed unhappy coming off the bench instead of starting and told the Pistons he'd retire. That led to a surprising departure of first-year coach Michael Curry, who immediately was fired at the closure of the season. When he singed with Memphis, Iverson uttered the importance of winning, however it wasn't long before he complained about playing time, which created a disappointing ending.

If he was a winner, he'll be fine coming off the bench. If he was a winner, he wouldn't complain about playing time. If he was a winner, he'll play as a team player.

If so, he'll be given another shot of redeeming selfishness and ego.


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