The annual circus arrived and light rain dropped, lifting insanity in Miami, an active community opportune in hosting festivities.

There were no clowns, stomping elephants, wild monkeys, alligators, or even entertaining acrobats, but there had to be close to thousands of media personnel, crowded together and cramped near the podium interrogating.

The fortunate are ones inching closer in stepping on the biggest stage to master triumph. On a peculiar afternoon, the Colts handled the madness by answering any eccentric question thrown at them.

Unable to elude all the surrounding photo shots, there were constant bright flashes and inane queries came from the mouths of bold reporters, with five days left before Super Bowl kickoff.

The state of Dwight Freeney’s ankle injury is absorbing all the attention, when the Indianapolis Colts are explosive and refined on offense, rather than an erratic defense.

But amid all the craziness, Tuesday at Media Day, where the Greatest Exhibit on Turf staged in the center of Sun Life Stadium, the Colts were the main event. If they were affiliated with the media, reporters were ecstatic when Peyton Manning grabbed the microphone.

Not surprisingly, the four-time MVP stole the spotlight on the wackiest stage, where he described the biggest game as the pinnacle event of the NFL.

Seemingly, pinpointing the irony is simple, if pertaining to the Great Manning himself. Any team can advanced to the Super Bowl, but it’s rare for any team to seek a promising chance of perfection.

Twice in his career, Manning has almost finished the unprecedented by leading the Colts amazingly to NFL’s first 19-0 record. Once in his career, he has won a Super Bowl, at the same site where he returns attempting to hoist another piece of hardware.

So when he appeared near the table, Manning stared at millions of reporters, logic that justifies he’s a valuable specimen.

“I am excited for New Orleans,” Manning said. “It’s a special place to me. My family lives there…I enjoyed watching the game last week. I surely felt that emotion.”

If there’s one quarterback the game truly embraces, it’s Manning, a savvy team captain who deserves to be characterized as the brand name of the NFL.

Think about it.

He’s the marquee player of the league, and constantly reaches historic marks, regardless if the plateaus are done individually or as a team.

What’s not to love about the endearing megastar?

Having seen Manning hurl eye-opening passes is enough to appreciate him as NFL’s biggest attraction.

Having seen thrilling audible called at the line of scrimmage, which transformed into exceptional touchdown completions, are usual traits that has fans at Indianapolis believing in blue and jovial of the lustful style and humbleness he has shown since the emergence on the pro level.

What we’ve seen over the years was a bright team president, Bill Polian build a solid franchise. After experiencing these proudest memories before, the Colts are here again, attempting to reach the climax by the end of Sunday night. All year, Manning dreamed of returning to the biggest dance.

While wearing a blue uniform, he has proved to the world that he’s a valuable specimen and will be in the running to seize a championship. As years progress, his popularity has expanded greatly. And because of fame he declared citizenship in the smallish town, where if he was to run for major, he’ll probably favor all voting ballots.

What’s not to like about Manning?

He tries to focus on the positives.

He tries to think of strengths, rather than weaknesses.

He tries to garner a positive belief on the game. And he tries to downplay all the individual awards.

In other words, all things are done as a team effort, not individually. There’s not a day that passes, without Manning praising the team or crediting a teammate for their contributions. For those who know him very well, he’s straightforward and genuine. Pretty much, Manning isn’t a worrywart, but has acknowledged that his teammates will have to raise the intensity.

Rarely, does he wind up frustrated, unless he’s harassed on the turf in a contest. Even if Freeney cannot play, he’s confident in teammates and coaching staff. If he fought through adversity in the season and played with confidence, there’s no question he has strong belief in the up-and-coming receivers, such as Pierre Garcon and Austin Collie.

For much of the season, he relied on youth after losing top-name receiver Marvin Harrison and former Defensive Player of the Year Bob Sanders.

There was a trust level he had developed after building a strong relationship with Tony Dungy’s successor, Jim Caldwell, who proved that he’s mentally equipped to lead a NFL franchise. And this just in, owner Jim Irsay expects to sign Manning to the most lucrative contract in NFL history, which makes him the richest quarterback in history.

But if you have blue pride, you’re probably thinking of Manning. It’s obvious the superlative season in which he threw for 4,500 yards, has the gifted megastar regarded as the face of pro football.

From most perspectives he’s the perfectionist of the game. Without much debate, he is the greatest of all-time, given us every reason to believe in sports.

He's the epitome of a lovable icon, and defines the true meaning of humanity.

He was asked some of the weirdest questions ever on Tuesday, but answered each of them with dignity and heartwarming messages. There’s no doubts in our minds, he the noble peace maker of the NFL. Let’s take a listen.

“I understand the question—you have to do this and that. But this is a team game,” he said. “And this has been a team season for us. Look at the games, and you’ll see we have not dominated. We’ve had to grind and muscle, with different guys doing it in different games.

He then went on to say: “I don’t look at what it means for me. I don’t know what legacy means for me. I don’t have an option on that. I go out and play, and if other people form opinions, that’s their right. I know that this game is important to our franchise, our owner and our fans. That’s how I look at it being an important game.”

We can argue with U.S Today that Tom Brady wasn’t worthy of receiving the best quarterback of the decade honors, but given that he owns three Super Bowl rings, it gives him the nod. Of course, if Manning won multiple titles this decade, he would have definitely been considered the best of the decade. Now, even greater, he has a chance to prove he’s the greatest quarterback by winning on the national stage, the national holiday when friends and relatives unite for parties rooting on the next champ.

He’s the most popular and endearing figure, if not all of sports.

He, indeed, showed it at Media Day.


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