The Cavaliers now have gotten everything LeBron wants…pretty much. LeBron wanted Amare Stoudemire in the trade deadline. The Cavs were close to getting him, but they got someone who is better and would not want to call for the ball and just play basketball. He’ll be assigned of what he’s asked. That’s Antwan Jamison.

Now let’s go back further. LeBron needed a sidekick. Neither Delonte West or Mo Williams were working out well to his suiting. Ben Wallace was playing like his age. It was just horrible. Wally Sczerbiak was struggling. In the offseason, the Cavs made many changes and acquired Shaquille O’Neal. They also brought in former Harlem Globetrotter, JaMario Moon.

Now LeBron has everything he wants. He has a good lineup and along with that, he has guys stepping up this year. J.J. Hickson has been a powerful contributor at forward and has been in many dunk highlights. Daniel Gibson is looking good, too, along with his streaky shooting from behind the three-point line.

With all this, the Cavs are destined for the NBA Finals. They are destined to be champions. For so many years, the city of Cleveland has suffered pain, annoyance, and frustration. Browns can’t win, Indians can but they suck in the playoffs. And they’re the Cavs. They’ve been playing some good ball since LeBron came and have been to the Finals, but got their butts kicked by San Antonio there. Cleveland has a curse. LeBron is the sports hero of this place. In fact, the messiah. Everyone counts on him for him to win. This may be the year.

But hey, we all don’t know that. In my opinion, I think the Cavs will make it to the Finals. They have to. This is their year. LeBron deserves his first ring. He’s been playing too hard to have this deserved to him. Heck, now you got people hating on him, making all this stupid stuff up about him being Satanic and all that. None of it’s true. People want him to win the Finals.

LeBron has everything. He has a big guy that can easily rebound and everyone afraid to try to fight against him (enter Shaq). They have a guy who’s not selfish, can shoot from three, and can take advantage of his big size (enter Antwan Jamison), and LeBron is the biggest piece to the puzzle.

But, what if nothing is destined for Cleveland. What if they turn out to be a first-round exit? What if they fail in the semifinals? Conference finals? Heck, if they make it to the Finals, what if they lose there? LeBron can’t go through another loss in the NBA Finals. 0-2 with Cleveland there? No, no, it can’t be. But hey, it can happen easily.The Cavs were the number one team last year and they lost to the Magic in the Conference Finals. Look what has happened to other teams like the Mavericks who were a number one team. How about those Pacers in like 2003?

It is possible. All of you have heard those rumors about LeBron going to teams like the Knicks, Nets, Clippers, Heat, etc. in 2010 Free Agency. If all else fails this year, these rumors will be heating up and could eventually turn out to be true. Why? LeBron has been here since 2003. He has brought everything. With all the weapons this season, he has to win the Finals. And if not, it’s over with him in Cleveland in my opinion. The Cavs could give LeBron all the cash, but then some weapons on the Cleveland squad may go away. That can be the problem.

Yes, yes, the Knicks have gone through some problems. But what makes us know that he will even go to the Knicks. He can. The Knicks can pay LeBron all sorts of money and LeBron may accept. Al Harrington might stay, and so can Tracy McGrady. David Lee can stay also, I can see. The Knicks did better than expected this year. They can go beyond that next season if they acquired a player such as LeBron.

I can see the Nets. LeBron has been linked with Jay-Z and with the star rapper owning a part of the Nets franchise, I won’t be surprised seeing a jersey being stitched out “James” on the back with a front side that says “New Jersey.” Represent. With Chris Douglas-Roberts, Brook Lopez, and Devin Harris, it’ll all be good. And they can get LeBron in a trade, too. They can use their first-round draft-pick and maybe a player or two for LeBron. I wouldn’t be surprised if this came out true.

The Clippers can also be an idea. Eric Gordon is a good weapon along with Chris Kaman and others. Steve Blake and Travis Outlaw were recently added to the team. LeBron can be the centerpiece. The Heat was another thing I’ve seen, too. But the Heat was will be more of less chance of landing. Two megastars sharing the ball on the same court? They have to be able to share the ball a lot, share minutes. It’ll all be hectic.

The Knicks, Clippers, and Nets are all good options. But hey, that’s if the Cavs won’t make it to the championship. Who knows what will happen?

But if all else fails, don’t be too surprised of a Knicks, Nets, Clippers, or any other team uniform having a LeBron James jersey ready for him coming the 2010 season.


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