The latest rumors among the offseason that is coming is of Raptors' PF going to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Oh, whoops, let me rephrase that really quickly: ...is of former Raptors' PF going to the...

Yes, Raptor fans, Chris Bosh will be leaving Toronto. He's done a lot there and I know you probably will miss him. But Bosh needs a team that can take him to the playoffs. I know Toronto was close, but face it, he's leaving.

If Bosh wants a team to take him to the playoffs, the 2010 NBA Free Agency is where he should look into. And for him going to the Thunder, it'll be the perfect fit. A lot of things can happen with Bosh in OKC.

First of all, he'll play in an important role with Oklahoma City, who consists of skilled players like Jeff Green, Russell Westbrook, and of course Kevin Durant. Bosh will just be the key to unlocking a team that has sure bet into the playoffs.

The Thunder made it this year with over 50 wins.

They can reach for 56-60 now with acquiring such a player like Bosh. Bosh can score from a lot of places, he's fast, strong, and somebody you can rely on. He'll be a happy man in Oklahoma.

Not so sure on Toronto, though.

But as the rumors go, Bosh still wants to leave Toronto. But don't get excited Knick fans, because I don't know if Bosh wants to go there either. Because as of right now, the Knicks aren't a playoff team, though they are greatly improving.

But how do we know if the Knicks do in fact make the playoffs for the upcoming season? That's why Bosh should go to the Thunder, who have a better chance.

But the question is, if the Thunder do land Bosh, where will he be?

Will the Thunder keep Russell Westbrook at PG and move Durant to SG? Then Jeff Green goes to SF and Bosh goes to PF? Or will the Thunder will have their normal lineup, but instead, replace the Center spot with Bosh.

There's many possibilites and lineups OKC can arrange. The Thunder can acquire Bosh. I think Bosh will like it here.

We'll see what happens.

But for right now, let's enjoy the playoffs.


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