Whenever USC trustees do an entire town a favor that immerses in the most famous football program in a region where supporters are devoid of a non-professional football franchise, mend respectability of tarnishing and remove the toxic stains turning an illustrious institution into a toxic wasteland and dismiss athletic director Mike Garrett, the Trojans will avoid sanctions for being deceitful criminals of violating NCAA rules.

Apparently, the mood at the spacious and amiable campus located off of Figueroa Ave, is perturbed and overwrought after hearing the latest penalties imposed on an athletic program.

The program remains known for triumphant feats and producing Heisman trophy winners. Now, the unbraced university is known for committing infractions, portrayed as dirty and duplicitous sleazes following a significant NCAA investigation amid unspecified scandals that unveiled the truth.

From Heritage Hall, to the tallness of the Tommy Trojan bronze statue, to Doheny Library, all the students and average fanatics are raving over the unpleasant sins, suffocating and devaluing the recruiting classes of the future at Southern California University.

Battered with much tainted perceptions and harsh penalties, the prominent university is delayed from winning another crystal ball or even smelling roses in an annual appearance at the Rose Bowl.

There were legions of mischievous and deceptive frauds to blame and point fingers because of the infringements in violating NCAA rules.

For years, investigators have probed a troubling dilemma that has ruined the integrity and purity of collegiate sports, but the most noticeable scandals existed at USC, a famous university now buffeted notoriously for wrongdoings and declining to follow traditional principles.

The chronicles and headlines no longer address winning or recruiting the best high school prospect, enveloped by former tailback Reggie Bush, then-basketball phenom O.J. Mayo and coach Tim Floyd, the pseudo who fled the program when pending accusations transpired and were a messy burden.

This is a college football team, with a numerous of scapegoats. This is a college football team, with tainted corruption and will be labeled as an asterisk, forgetting all the championship wins it has compiled over the years with the top quarterbacks and running backs in the nation.

Because of arrogance and recklessness, the Trojans went from the most powerful program to the most powerless program, without having the last word.

All the foolish sins caused ruination within collegiate sports greatest dynasty, and smudged the memories of sheer greatness and exultation. Few want to believe that it’s Bush’s fault when the NCAA learned he had accepted and was lavished with improper gifts and cash from two phony agents.

There are others who want to believe that Floyd is the goon to blame amid a crisis for which he vanished to relieve headaches.

Remember, he allegedly bestowed $1,000 in cash transactions to Rodney Guillory, an event promoter who acted as an agent to Mayo and represented him unlawfully.

Remember, USC self-sanctioned its basketball program for infractions that happened before Mayo’s one-and-done season with the Trojans and Floyd attended the infractions committee hearing. However, he still isn’t the one to blame for USC’s impaired gloom, costing the bleak program a two-year postseason ban and a loss of 30 football scholarships during four-year probation.

Of all the violations, the man to blame isn’t Bush, who played an important role in the Trojans momentous dynasty.

Of all the turmoil, the man to blame isn’t Mayo, but instead he should be credited for reforming an impoverished basketball program in a season he almost led the Trojans to the Elite Eight.

Of all the foolishness, the man to blame isn’t Floyd, even though his arrogance and egotistic morals sabotaged the emergence of the basketball powerhouses in the Pac-10.

But recently, with all the conspiracy the one to deem as a liable and egocentric imbecile is Garrett, a permissive overseer who should have been fired long ago, inexplicably smearing his credibility for the unnecessary sanctions.

He certainly has unhinged his legacy as well as rupturing the legacy of Pete Carroll, a triumphant architect and most winning coach.

There was too much latitude allowed and he was unaware with the unlawful troubles that deflowered mystique and the beauty of purity and believability in one of the commendable programs.

Before he filled in the vacancy as Seattle Seahawks head coach last winter, Carroll acknowledged that his intentions weren’t to elude USC for the scandals.

It’s difficult to believe now that the Trojans must vacate every win between December 2004 and the end of the 2005 season. All of which he was the focal point in the majority of the national titles and wins during his nine-year tenure.

It’s very telling that the most dynamic football university in the nation possibly will be the first school forced to forfeit a championship after the Bowl Championship Series. By viewing this situation, the Trojans are doing whatever it could to downplay further humiliation after USC reprehensibly lost two seasons and scholarships, which wreaks the stability of luring student athletes.

To some extent, it’s an insult to Southern California’s academia and athleticism, but a severe punishment that sends a message and a reality check.

Maybe it sent a reality check to the administrators that it’s time to get rid of a helpless Garrett and hire someone else who’ll be willing to purge the poisonous devastation in the aftermath.

The NCAA held the Trojans hostage as President Steven Sample, Carroll and running back coach Todd McNair and school attorneys and compliance officials eagerly waited since meeting months ago of the NCAA Committee on Infractions.

And finally, it was unveiled that the ruling was unpleasant and destructive enough to hinder the Trojans of dominating the turf on Saturdays.

This is a scandal that obviously gave us an advisable description, knowingly understanding that USC is oblivious and pompous.

For nearly an entire decade, the entire university was highly regarded as the top football program in the nation, constituting an exulted culture with top-notch prospects that verbally committed and forged signatures within a school that had the greatest memories in sports by garnering two national titles, three Heisman winners and seven consecutive Pac-10 titles.

But it’s a shame that none of the indelible moments in school history will last after a player was paid off and a coach was hired by the name of Lane Kiffin, who selfishly left a program in shambles for committing allegedly six infractions.

It’s really a troubling situation when Garrett doesn’t have the audacity to maneuver his program. It’s really sad that he has been manipulated and badly deceived, without setting stricter boundaries to taper all the madness, causing a heinous disaster.

There’s one thing certain about USC. They won’t Fight On, unless the administration waves farewell to a man who destroyed the pride and character of the mighty warriors. His arrogance and indifference has damaged the culture and the apparent symbol of Trojans football.

If Garrett isn’t dismissed, then there’s no fight in Troy.


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