If you were feeling annoyed by an ageless man who couldn’t ever figure out his intent and implored to come out of retirement three times, filled with tremendous enthusiasm in the sport, but selfishly has a reputation of holding teams’ hostage, then you aren’t so plagued to discern that Brett Favre is coming back for his 20th season.

At last, the weariness of FavreCenter has been canceled and no longer is seizing all the national attention on ESPN, as we, the Americans, can breathe a sigh of relief. He is, however, the worldwide nuisance in sports, known for changing his mind each summer to steal the limelight and be described as the most prominent athlete in the country.

But it’s now apparent that the announcement of Favre returning for potentially an incredible joyride isn’t surprising, realizing eventually he’d inform the Minnesota Vikings of his sudden comeback and finally put an ongoing saga to rest. A typical Minnesotan believed all along that Favre’s storyline forged a publicity headline, as the most disturbing anecdote heard in the media.

For all the wishy-washiness in the last three off seasons, the self-centered psyche of the three-time MVP burnt out an entire country and the customary un-retiring/retiring rites were exhausting. But now that he has finally pondered and is willing to engineer the Vikings as a grandfather and mentor, a vital component for his younger teammates, it’s easy to suggest that Minnesota has emerged as favorites and can actually win the Super Bowl.

When he arrived to the state where he is verified as the savior, therefore the expectations are immense next season, fans and executives were optimistic on Favre’s return.

Although he’s an old-timer with a stubborn mind and has the mannerism of an elderly man, the gray-haired veteran divulged that the Vikings lured him, a bottomless core in position of capturing a title. By now, he knows the possibilities of celebrating in triumph and exiting the game as an elite quarterback at the very top.

“As we were diving on that last drive it seemed like it was destiny—for us,” Favre said. “I was so close, so close to getting these guys to the Super Bowl.”

It’s very fascinating that he’s verified as the president of football and could literally even run for governor of Minnesota. If Jesse Ventura, the Body, was elected, then Favre odds of being sworn into office aren’t impossible.

As soon as he arrived to the Land of 10,000 Lakes, where the senior-citizen of football declared his citizenship ever since converting to a purple uniform and leading the Vikings damn near to the Super Bowl, he walked off the private jet and thousands greeted him.

For the first time since he was harassed badly and battered by the New Orleans Saints tenacious defense, Favre joined his teammates and suited up for workouts, not skipping out on the most rigorous task in football. For once, we didn’t need another charade in the midsummer for which anyone with common sense clearly knew, without even forecasting, that he was coming back.

For once, we ignored the frenzy and tried purging all the hoopla discovered in newspapers and on websites, fully understanding the modus of an elusive gunslinger who has taken us on the wildest folly. Of all the idiocy, he misled us not once, not twice, but three times, and we were stupid to believe a confused Favre.

This time, however, it was altogether a different scenario and we had good sense by not buying into the justification, when we refused to believe that he was ready to retire, return to his home in the rural area of Mississippi and relax on his couch to watch football. But as expected, he is willing to test wills again, contend at the highest level and take the physical abuse on Sundays.

Now that is a man with a lot of guts and fortitude in the late stages of his aging career mentally, of course. From a physical standpoint, nonetheless, he’s prepared for the challenge and the old timer is still fun to watch. It’s easy to envision the 40-year-old quarterback, who is suddenly the new 30, hurl spirals deep across the field and connect with one of his talented wideouts in a prolific receiving core.

“I owe it to this organization to give it one more,” Favre said.

Well, at least he stated that briefly without epically creating uncertainty en route to the regular season. What’s more notable is that he acts like a drama queen, with his diva-like antics and places absurdity on a somewhat impaired image. For years, he has been pampered and, as a result, his self-centered and egomaniacal ways, unhinged his legacy.

The cynics were disgusted and angry with Favre, whose public frolics were broadcasted all over the world. But he never realized how a mesmerizing career as the most accomplished quarterback gradually shrunk for selfishly skipping out the offseason, teasing franchises and fans with all the unnecessary hilarity. He said the most recent decision was “very tough.”

How tough?

“This is a very good football team—the chances here are much greater than in other places. From that standpoint, it was always going to be easier (to return). Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I could play as well as last year. In my 18 years previous, I never played that good, period. I was amazed. But as well as I played, by far the best in my career, it wasn’t enough (for a title). It just goes to show, all phases need to be hitting at all times. I need to come back and play well, be a great leader and do all the intangible things that are more than statistics."

“And then, part of me said it was such a great year, it would be easy to say, ‘Hey, I can’t play any better, why even try?’ The other part is, ‘Guys are playing on a high level. Why don’t I go back out? Why not try again? You know you have a good football team around you.’ The expectations are high here, as they should be. I can’t make any guarantees. I’m not here to set any records. People say, ‘You can do this, do this.’ I’ve done it all. There’s nothing for me to prove.”

In retrospect, though, Favre’s wonderful legacy is clouded by all the comeback pledges and endless drama during the summer months.

As he ages and declines, it’s rational to believe that mentally and physically playing late in his career is wear and tear on his debilitated body. The worst-case scenario is that he sustains a life-threatening injury. But the best-case scenario is that he leads the Vikings to the Super Bowl, which is why coach Brad Childress coaxed the inspirational leader to return for what is likely his final season.

That’s what he says.

He simply delayed the organization by withholding on the announcement to miss out on training camp and minicamps for his self-indulgence and laziness, but his return can punch a ticket to the Super Bowl in Dallas, despite entertaining a tough schedule and playing within a potent NFC North division, including a powerful conference in general. The Cowboys are stronger. The Packers are rising. And, well, the Saints are marching in as defending champs.

In the most popular sport here in the States, Favre is the most beloved athlete and he still plays the game brilliantly, despite throwing ill-advised passes that results as interceptions or incomplete passes. Not long ago, Favre was beaten in the NFC Championship Game, and gingerly arose from the turf standing on his own two feet, but limped over to the sideline and had to recover from painful hits in a theatrical overtime loss against the Saints.

Still, to this day, Favre has the precision and muscular arm-strength to deliver downfield passes in a high-powered offense, once again reclaiming the starting job as quarterback. All his contemplating inconsiderately halted the opportunity of the inconsistent Tarvaris Jackson, who was promised the starting position until Favre made his announcement. And also, there is a disillusioned Sage Rosenfels, now expected to hold the clipboard and wear the earpiece.

Last year, he tried rehabbing his injured shoulder and opted to retire. But when it healed, he came back. This year, he has rehabbed a severe ankle injury. And guess what? He’s back. It’s hard to assume that he’ll last an entire season, before feeling pain in the damaged ankle.

“There’s nothing on me 100 percent,” Favre said. “There was nothing on me 100 percent last year or the year before. But the surgeries, I think, have made me a little better. Playing 309 straight games, I can’t complain.”

He believes that the capabilities of him extending his NFL-record streak of consecutive games played is possible. But as the Vikings monstrous defensive Jared Allen and kicker Ryan Longwell, implored Favre to return for one more shot, he acknowledged the team and brought aspiration to a Super Bowl contender.

If explosive running back Adrian Peterson plays with urgency and controls the ball with excellent ball security, it takes pressure off of Favre and will probably even create options. In the deepest receiver core, there is Sidney Rice and Percy Harvin, who has sustained migraines significantly. With the advantage of a talented core, Favre can continuously exploit his crafty throwing motions and showboat his powerful throwing arm.

Without him, the Vikings weren’t even a playoff contender. But with Favre, the Vikings are immediate contenders and can win the hardware in Dallas.


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