CARSON, Calif.—Ever seen the diverse town worship an unpopular sport here in the origin of an enigmatic, paranoid town, unlike in other countries where fans revere the fascinating sport and blow on annoying vuvuzelas, an obnoxious buzzing sound that bothers our nerves badly?

What is increasingly discovered in Hollywood is that the masses are obsessed with superstars and celebrities, more than the sport or cinematic script itself, and hastily, the famous human being becomes a publicity magnet in a town where stars are truly admired.

It’s always fun to gaze at a sporting icon locally, and during the summer months, if someone is paying close attention, the ultimate star is Landon Donovan, a famous soccer star who is idolized and known for lifting the ratings of a dull event.

Without him, the Los Angeles Galaxy constitutes no buzz, no hearsay, not even an acknowledgement in the front page of the Los Angeles Times sports section. But the presence of Donovan bolsters an uneventful game in a nation that only glances at soccer during the World Cup, optimistic of a spectacular finish to cure a lowly event.

It’s almost realistic to believe that he markets the game of soccer in the states and in the Los Angeles basin as well, luring a large capacity at the Home Depot Center in Southern California and avid spectators by captivating the audience with a breathtaking goal.

As the Major League Soccer season comes to closure, he has enticed a crowd to wildly cheer and admire his prodigiousness, passion, work ethic, and, well, his game-changing heroics. He’s suddenly a world-class athlete with the ability to shift the dimension of an uncertain sport in the States and has been described as the Kobe Bryant of basketball as the prime star on the Galaxy.

In perspective, he has been the turning point in soccer and changed the way the game is perceived.

But the recent gossip is that midfielder David Beckham, an egotistic soccer star who willingly left his native country as a mercenary and celebrity for more riches and fame, is becoming a rock star and constantly is heckled and beleaguered by paparazzi in snapshots.

If he’s permitted to display his signature cologne in department stores, just to sustain recognition as a promoter and convince consumers to purchase the product, then he’s definitely the face of an ailing game in America.

As it turns out, he’s expected to participate in warm-ups with the Galaxy on Wednesday, set to return from suffering a torn left Achilles tendon earlier in the year while affiliated with AC Milan. As of today, the Galaxy is worshipped for appealingly mending and popularizing soccer in the U.S. with the occupancy of high-profile stars.

As of today, the Galaxy represents soccer in America.


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