By Mihir Bhagat
The Denver Broncos and head coach Josh McDaniels have been fined $50,000 each by the NFL for violating the league's policies by filming a San Francisco 49ers practice session in London.

The 49ers still won the game 24-16 regardless.

It has been reported that the team's video operations director, Steve Scarnecchia, is responsible for the actions. Interestingly enough, when Scarnecchia presented the six-minute walkthrough clip to McDaniels, the coach refused it.

However, since the reports were not filed to the league immediately, the coach and team took the blame.

Still, Scarnecchia has been fired and he may even be banned from the league forever since he is a repeat offender.

Commissioner Roger Goodell clearly expressed his disgust in the matter, and stressed the importance of maintaining the game's integrity within the league.

That said, I was a bit puzzled as to why the fine was so lenient. A helmet-to-helmet hit garners nearly the same penalty as cheating? I tend to disagree with that notion.

Nonetheless, McDaniels apologized yet, fair or not, his image is tainted. Note, he comes from the same tree as Bill Bellichick, who was guilty of the original Spygate controversy with the New England Patriots.

This is an embarrassment upon the Broncos franchise, and could be just the latest reason why McDaniels gets fired.


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