Carmelo Anthony has clearly expressed his desire to be traded from the Denver Nuggets to the New York Knicks. He went on to explain how he would not sign the $65 million extension offer unless he was dealt there.

Anthony has been the focal point of trade rumors lately, and it appears that his days in Denver are limited. Moreover, even though other teams such as the New Jersey Nets are interested in his services, it seems as if New York is the only landing spot.

"Everybody's yelling out the windows: 'Melo we need you in New York.' Of course that feels good when you know someone out there wants you to come and represent their team and represent their city. That's what I took from that," Anthony said.

At the same time, I think it'd be a perfect fit for both sides.

Anthony thrives in a fast-tempo system and would create a formidable trio alongside Amar'e Stoudemire and emerging star point guard Raymond Felton.

Moreover, he's an underrated defender, which would certainly improve their squad that currently ranks 5th in the league in terms of points allowed with 105.79.

Whether or not it would put them amongst the ranks of the elite teams in the East such as the Heat, Celtics, Bulls, or Magic is questionable. However, the move would surely bridge the gap.

Of course, it's yet to be seen if the Knicks can put together a package that would appeal to the Nuggets. Nonetheless, with the definitive statements that Anthony has released, they may not have much of a choice.

The Nuggets battled the Knicks this afternoon, and Anthony finished with an astounding stat line of 31 points, to go along with 13 rebounds. The Knicks won 129-125, extending their streak to eight consecutive victories.

Note that on the season, the three time All Star small forward is averaging 22.8 points and eight rebounds per game.

Information from an ESPN News Report was used in this article.

By Mihir Bhagat


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