It's his ultimate dream, huh?

Yeah, okay.

As you all know, Denver Nuggets' star Carmelo Anthony has already let everyone know that he clearly wants to leave his team. It's no surprise. It's no secret. We all know that he wants to go the New York Knicks.

But it's right now not possible. The Knicks don't have the right assets. The only way they can get Anthony is if they are able to trade away Anthony Randolph for a first round draft-pick to make it work.

But what if it doesn't?

But here is the real question: Why is Anthony pushing it?

It's obvious that Anthony could just, well, wait! The Nuggets are currently 23-17 and are likely to make the playoffs if Anthony can start performing at his highest level again, as he has been showing signs of not playing as hard enough.

Going to the Nets? Nope, that deal just keeps coming up, but then going dead. Besides, why go there? The Nets won't have good odds at all of making the playoffs. And the Knicks? Well, they will barely make it. They're looking good. Coming in will ruin the chemistry.

But there is a way he can still go to his dream place.


That's it.

All Anthony can do is just play with the Nuggets as hard as he can and wait for free agency to roll by. With this, Anthony can just sign with the Knicks for that three-year, $65 million deal or whatever deal it is he can sign.

Doing it now would make things worse.

The Nuggets hold the seventh seed in the standings have an 89-percent chance to make it to the post-season if they keep performing well. Anthony has weapons. He's got Chauncey Billups, J.R. Smith, Nene Hilario, and Al Harrington.

He's done well with them right now.

Why ruin it?

Here's my advice: Just do what you can right now. Do your best this season, lead the Nuggets to as far as you possibly can. The fans know you are more than likely to leave, and then, boom, you're with the Knicks.

Please Melo, you need to fix something.

It's patience.

And you're lacking a lot of it.


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