I was very fortunate to interview former Indianapolis Colts’ tight end, Ken Dilger. Dilger is one of the top tight ends to play for the Colts and was an All-Star. Dilger played many great seasons with the Colts before going to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and win a Super Bowl in his first year.

I thank Christian of taylorpr.com for giving me this chance to interview him.

I may not that the audio got screwed up in the making when I talked to him, so some of the answers did not come up sadly.

Josh Dhani: What kind of experience is it for you at the Pro Bowl?

Ken Dilger: You know, it was a great experience for me and it’s a great honor to be voted in by your peers in the National Football League and to go out there and see all the guys playing.

JD: What kind of experience is it for you to play in the Super Bowl with the Buccaneers?

KD: It was fun and it was great. I think every player in the National Football League hearing about and wanting go to the Super Bowl and dreaming about it. We faced the Raiders and we came out on top.

JD: Tell me a little bit about your program.

KD: I am representing Procter and Gamble where on the Facebook page, you submit pictures of your team. You can win Colts gear, Tampa Bay gear; teams they’re rooting for. All over the country, fans pull out and donate money to charity. She gives the money to the St. Jude’s Children Research Center.

JD: What was it like playing with Peyton Manning and Jim Harbaugh?

KD: It was great. Jim was great. He was great in the NFL and he had a great time with us. And Manning has gone on to do a lot of great things.

JD: What do you think of Jim Harbaugh being coach of the 49ers??

KD: I think Jim is going to do great. His family are good at coaches. They coached Baltimore, Western Kentucky. I think Jim is going to be a great coach in San Francisco.

JD: What was it like playing long snapper?

KD: Our long snapper got hurt. It’s an interesting position to play.

JD: What do you think the Colts could have done differently to beat the Jets?

KD: I thought they could have been more aggressive in the first half.

JD: Have you ever given advice to any of the Colts tight ends?

KD: No, not yet. But Dallas Clark, Jacob Tamme have been doing great so far with the Colts.

JD: Who do you think is honestly better: Tom Brady or Peyton Manning?

KD: That’s a tough question. Brady has the rings, Manning has done well. He’s got a ring. They are both great quarterbacks and are the best in the league right now.

JD: Where would you rank Manning as one of the top QB’s in NFL history?

KD: I would put him somewhere in the top ten. Anytime you get someone like that up there, I think Manning is up there with them.

JD: In one of your first years in the league, the Colts were in the AFC Championship against the Steelers. What did you think of that game where Harbaugh through that Hail Mary pass?

KD: I was standing there watching on the sidelines on the play. We came so close and the ball kind of rolled around. We very close to the Super Bowl. It looked like Aaron Bailey had it, but unfortunately he didn’t catch it.

JD: Which teams do you think will be in the Super Bowl?

KD: I think the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers will be in the Super Bowl and the Steelers win.

I appreciate Ken for taking the time to have this interview with me. He is a great person. And for more information about the program Dilger has teamed up with, which is the Procter and Gamble Take it To the House Facebook photocontest. Check out the Facebook page.


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