Some big trades went down today as the NBA trading deadline ended. Here some of the big trades that have happened.

Oklahoma City Thunder trade Jeff Green, Nenad Kristic to Boston Celtics for Nate Robinson, Kendrick Perkins - This was a great trade for both teams. The Boston Celtics add some support at the bigs position, having a versatile Jeff Green and a suitable back-up in Nenad Kristic. Green can also play small forward, so he could be some big help off the bench. The Thunder definitely got what they needed as they got a solid back-up point guard in Nate Robinson and finally a starting-caliber, big center in Perkins.

Thunder: A-
Celtics: B+

Sacramento Kings Receive Marquis Daniels - Marquis Daniels was traded to the Sacramento Kings, according to Chris Forsberg via his Twitter feed. Daniels' last great season was with the Indiana Pacers back in the 2008-09 season, but he hasn't lived up to expectations in Boston. With a bigger role in Sacramento, maybe he can do some good.

Kings: B-
Celtics: A

Houston Rockets trade Shane Battier, Ishmael Smith to Memphis Grizzlies for Hasheem Thabeet, first-round draft pick - Shane Battier is a huge pick-up for the Memphis Grizzlies as Rudy Gay is out with an injury. Battier will return to his old team. Ishmael Smith is a back-up point guard and can help fill depth. The Rockets look like they see something very positive in Thabeet. Hasheem as a lot of potential, and with Yao Ming likely to be gone after this season, maybe Houston can start fresh and have a new center in Thabeet for the future.

Rockets: B
Grizzlies: A-

Houston Rockets Aaron Brooks to Phoenix Suns for Goran Dragic, first-round draft pick - What a pick-up for the Houston Rockets, going at it again. Goran Dragic has showed a lot of upside lately and can really become help. Houston has been trying to get rid of Aaron Brooks for a while. Brooks going to the Phoenix Suns will definitely boost the point guard system with him and Steve Nash running the position. This also means that Nash could be gone by the off-season.

Rockets: B+
Suns: B

Cleveland Cavaliers trade second-round draft-pick to Boston Celtics for Semih Edren and Luke Harangody - The Boston Celtics are letting a lot of players go on the roster, and this is a pretty good trade. Boston really doesn't need Harangody and Edren anymore. The Cavaliers could use whatever they get, and I can see them using these guys. Edren could help fill in for the injured Anderson Varejao and Harangody could see some minutes. Boring trade, none the less.

Celtics: C+
Cavaliers: C-

Charlotte Bobcats Trade Gerald Wallace to Portland Trail Blazers for two first-round draft picks, Joel Pryzbilla, Dante Cunningham - The Charlotte Bobcats lose out on their superstar, Gerald Wallace. But they are eying for the future. The two first-round draft-picks are definitely something to be happy about but having an injury-filled Pryzbilla and an unproven Cunningham kind of ruins it. The Blazers get a scorer and really flex out the offense now with Wallace in the system. Good trade by Portland.

Bobcats: B-
Trail Blazers: A

Charlotte BobcatstTrade Nazr Mohammed to Oklahoma City Thunder for D.J. White, Morris Peterson - Morris Peterson will help bring veteran experience to the Charlotte Bobcats. D.J. White, who was a star in college, has a lot of potential. I could definitely see some playing time coming from him. The Thunder get some more depth at a center position that has upgraded tremendously. Another boring trade, but some key things involved.

Bobcats: B
Thunder: B

Atlanta Hawks trade Mike Bibby, Jordan Crawford, and Maurice Evans to Washington Wizards for Kirk Hinrich, Hilton Armstrong - The Atlanta Hawks are struggling and need some help. Kirk Hinrich is exactly what they need to help them. Giving up Mike Bibby, Jordan Crawford, and Maurice Evans is fine enough. Good trade by Hawks. Maybe they can keep a fourth seed locked and keep it away from the New York Knicks, who look to climb up dramatically in the standings. But the Wizards have a nice back-up point guard in Bibby, a good swingman in Evans, and another young guard in Crawford.

Hawks: A
Wizards: B-

Los Angeles Clippers Trade Baron Davis to Cleveland Cavaliers for Mo Williams, JaMario Moon - I like this trade. The Clippers definitely don't need Baron Davis anymore, that's for sure. Getting Mo Williams and JaMario Moon are great pick-ups. They'll help nicely. I wouldn't be surprised if Moon may get the starting spot at small-forward. The Clips got a new starting point guard in Mo, who's been impressive this season. The Cavs will get a scorer out of Davis.

Clippers: A
Cavaliers: D+

New York Knicks trade Wilson Chandler, Danilo Gallinari, Raymond Felton, Timothy Mozgov to Denver Nuggets for Carmelo Anthony, Chauncey Billups, Shelden Williams, Anthony Carter, and Renaldo Balkman - Great trade by the New York Knicks. They get a veteran and winner point guard in Billups and a star in Anthony. The Nuggets get a good deal, too, with young stars in Chandler and Gallinari. They also get a good point guard in Felton. Nothing else to say, good trade.

Knicks: B+
Nuggets: A-

New York Knicks trade Anthony Randolph and Eddy Curry to Minnesota Timberwolves for Corey Brewer - The New York Knicks finally get rid of Curry and Randolph. Brewer is a pretty good pick-up and will help out in the rotation.

Knicks: A-
Timberwolves: D-

Sacramento Kings trade Carl Landry to New Orleans Hornets for Marcus Thornton - Solid pick-up for the Hornets. Get another great big man. The Kings get a good shooter in Thornton, who will hopefully help out for them.

Kings: C
Hornets: A

New Jersey Nets trade Derrick Favors, Devin Harris, first-round draft pick to Utah Jazz for Deron Williams - What a steal for the New Jersey Nets. They give up two struggling players for a star point guard who will help the team re-build. The Jazz do get a starting point guard and a guy with potential, but they could have asked for more.

Nets: A
Jazz: C+

New Jersey Nets trade Troy Murphy and second-round draft pick to Golden State Warriors for Dan Gadzuric and Brandan Wright - Another solid trade as they get rid of a frustrated and cap-filling Troy Murphy for two good back-ups in Wright and Gadzuric. The Warriors have released Murphy and really didn't get much. Better hope they get something good out of that pick.

Nets: B
Warriors: D+

Chicago Bulls trade James Johnson to Toronto Raptors for second-round draft-pick - James Johnson said he was shocked when he was traded. But the Raptors hopefully make something out of this. In return, the Bulls get a draft-pick they can use, hopefully. Boring trade.

Bulls: B-
Raptors: C+

Well, those are the trades. They were pretty exciting this season. Wish the O.J. Mayo to the Pacers went down, but it didn't get past the deadline, which really breaks my heart.

Oh well.

Enjoy the second half of the season! I know I will with all of these guys on new squads!


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