For the past 2-3 seasons, a couple of stories in the NBA were how the Spurs and Celtics somehow outsmarted age. Like they were drinking from that fountain of youth that everyone wishes they could find. But we know that eventually, the window will close. But whose closing first? Celtics or Spurs?

Spurs average age of their top three players is 32; Celtics 34. OK so the Celtics is based on the big three of Paul Peirce, Ray Allen, and Kevin Garnett. Although the Celtics are older, they have Rajon Rondo, who is starting to make the big Celtic trio, a foursome. Because of this, the championship window has been extended. Meanwhile, the Spurs, being younger, have an interesting window. They don't have anybody young enough to keep the trio fresh, like Rondo on the Celtics.

But each team does have young pieces to keep the team relevant even when the championship window closes. Spurs have George Hill, DeJuan Blair, and Tony Parker is only 28 so he still has a few years left in him of quality basketball. Celtics have newly acquired Jeff Green, Rajon Rondo, and Glen Davis.

Both teams will still be part of NBA talk years from now with the youth on their teams, but the question remains; which window will close first? And based on the ages, I would say Spurs championship window will end first. Tim Duncan is Mr. Consistent, but he is 34 and lots of power forwards usually start shutting down at this age. Like said before, Rondo extends the window for the Celtics. He's so young (25) and yet the Celtics probably would not win the championship, or have a very hard time, without Rondo. Rondo takes away some of the load from the other stars.


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