The countdown is on as we are in the final week leading up to big Selection Show on Sunday to determine the full field of 68 for the 2011 version of March Madness. Before we get all excited for the tournament begins next Thursday we have a great appetizer of fantastic basketball during this week with Conference Championships. For many conferences they will not receive any at large bids so these tournaments have already begun their madness. And even in the bigger conferences teams on the bubble can utilize this week to give one final impression to receive an at large bid.

From a gambling perspective it doesn’t get any better than this. Its  known to the “sharps” as one the best opportunities to turn a profit during the entire calendar year of sports wagering. Why? One simple word sums it up MOTIVATION.

Anyone can handicap numbers but one of the most difficult concepts for any gambler to determine is how motivated teams are on a daily basis. Every single team has completely different agenda’s during this week that is a lot easier to predict than any other part of the NCAA hoops season.

Furthermore, the sheer quantity of games throughout the week make’s it even more difficult for the oddsmakers to set tight lines; something that is much more attainable during the big tournament due less games and more days between games to prepare.

Last night I got off to a hot start taking some teams that were priced to cheap as favorites based on the concept they can’t lose otherwise they won’t make the tournament. All three of them were playing against far inferior opponents. We cashed easily with Marquette at -7, Butler -3 & Princeton at -3.

My video below explains the strategies & methods used that you can utilize to cash some winners leading up to big the tournament next week.

Watch video here

-Chad Margulius


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