Miami is losing games. Everybody loses so no big deal, right? Well the way the Heat lose and who they lose to is very disturbing. This 4 game losing streak was against the Knicks, Magic, Spurs, and Bulls. The games against the eastern foes was at home. The Spurs put a hurting on the Heat when they visited San Antonio.

The Heat record against the top 5 teams in the NBA, and the Heat are not even in the top 5, is 1-9. The teams are the Bulls, Lakers, Celtics, Spurs, and Mavericks. They only beat the Lakers once. If the Heat want to win, they have to beat the best teams out there. They have not beaten the Celtics in three meetings. They have not beat the Bulls. They are only 2-2 against the Magic. If they want to reach the Finals, they have to beat those teams most likely.

The Heat are a great team, don't get me wrong. But, the predictions of them winning a championship this season made me laugh. Remember Jeff Van Gundy said the Heat would threaten the Bulls' 72-9 record? I laughed. Remember that restaurant in Miami that offered free drinks if the Heat ever lost? I wonder if they're out of business.

They Heat had three super...well OK two superstars and an all-star. No point guard, no center, and no bench. Why did everyone think that the Heat would be in a class by themselves? Do they have the size to beat Duncan, Howard, Boozer, Shaq, Garnett, and the twin towers in L.A. Gasol and Bynum? I don't think so. So unless their perimeter play completely overwhelms the other team's perimeter players, the Heat will not be as good as everyone says they will.

I think one day the Heat will win a championship. I knew it wasn't this season. But, there will be some good players that will take a smaller salary just to join the Heat, like Ron Artest with the Lakers. They picked up Mike Bibby as PG and I think that will help because all he does is sit on the perimeter waiting to launch the three ball. The defense goes after Wade or James and they kick it to Bibby. I still say they need a respectable center. All he has to do is rebound and defend since the offense is in capable hands.

The Heat may step up their game in the playoffs enough to reach the finals. I don't know. With their record against the other elite teams, and their lack of interior defense, they definitely will not waltz through to win it all.


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