I love playing Words With Friends. If you haven't heard of it, it's basically an app for playing Scrabble. I have it on my iPhone, and it's pretty fun.

Phoenix Suns' Vince Carter is surely into the game, and so is retired player Adonal Foyle. Both go into intense Words With Friends battles, in which Carter gets unhappy about due to his lack of success versus Foyle.

From the Orlando Sentinel:
Adonal Foyle retired as a player last season after 12 seasons, ending it with the Magic. Now the club's player development director, Foyle gets his competitive kicks through a popular iPhone game called Words With Friends. [...]
Ryan Anderson taught Foyle the game. Foyle has since beaten Anderson, Pietrus and J.J. Redick. His latest victim: Vince Carter.
"Vince is so mad at me. I murdered him. I've beat him like 15 straight times," Foyle laughed. "He can't beat me --- and he knows it."
Watch out Foyle. Carter could put up a triple-letter sometime now and then.

But this is amusing to read. 


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