For the East, the battle for the Sixth seed seems to be heading down to the last game of the season. The surprising 76ers are fighting the Knicks for the 6 spot. Who has the ability to hang on? Right now, the Sixers hold a .5 game lead over the Knicks. Sixers have the tie breaker but the teams meet one more time this season. To me, that last meeting will probably determine who secures the sixth seed. Let's compare the remaining schedules (season series record in parentheses):

Knicks 13 games Celtics (0-2), Magic (0-1), Bucks (1-2), @Bobcats (2-0), Magic, Nets (2-0), Cavaliers (0-3), Raptors (3-0), @Sixers (1-2), @Nets, @Pacers (1-2), Bulls (2-0), and @Celtics.

Sixers 12 games Hawks (1-2), @Heat (0-2), Kings (1-0), @Bulls (1-1), Rockets (1-0), Nets (3-0), @Bucks (2-1), @Celtics (1-2), Knicks (2-1), Raptors (1-2), Magic (1-2), and Pistons (1-1).

Knicks have lost to the Pacers and Bucks. Sixers lost to the Bucks too. As well as the Raptors twice. I think the Knicks will finish 8-5 and Sixers 6-6. That would mean Knicks win sixth seed. Even though the Knicks have been struggling, I do believe that they will outlast the Sixers. And, like I said, the meeting between these two teams in April will probably determine who gets the seed. I say Knicks win that game. So unless the Sixers have at least a one game lead on the Knicks, and then lose to the Knicks, the Sixers really don't have a chance. And this is all coming from me, a HUGE Sixer fan. Ever since their last meeting, I've accepted that the Knicks are the better team. There was a point that the Sixers were the second hottest team in the East. But their recent 5 game trip has cooled them off. Of course, Knicks have been losing to not so good teams. Some of these teams are in the remaining schedule. Knicks could continue to blow games and give the Sixers the advantage. Both teams have three sets of back-to-back games. There is not much difference between the schedules. The Sixer record vs remaining schedule is: 14-13. Knicks record: 12-12.


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