There's been an increasing trend in college basketball players switching to the gridiron once their days on the hardwood are over. Tennessee point guard Melvin Goins is the latest to give it a try.

Goins is trying to make the Volunteers' football team as a safety or corner. Coach Derek Dooley still sees Goins as a point guard.

“I see him as a point guard right now,” Dooley said when asked if he saw Goins as a safety or cornerback. “I can tell you, when we play three-on-three, he’s on my team. We’re going to be good when we get into the offseason three-on-three hoops tournament.”

This isn't unusual or impossible. Duke's Greg Paulus was the most notable player to succeed at this feat.
Michigan's Kelvin Grady also transitioned from the hardwood to the football field.

Goins knows he has a long way to go but is doing his best to make the team.

“I haven’t played in so long. It’s all coming back slowly,” Goins said. “It’s all mental right now. I’m used to basketball where you know the plays, you know where you’re supposed to go so you react off instinct. Now I’m thinking a lot, and that’s not really good. You want to be able to get the plays down and know your zones and know where you’re supposed to be at on the field.”

You never know, he could have a supporting role on the team. If he plays like he did in that debacle against Michigan in the NCAA tournament he can kiss any chance of making the football team goodbye.
By Chris Edwards


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