We all know that the lockout affects players and owners. Advertisers. Fans. Media. The lockout will slow everything related to the NBA down. Let’s look at some things the will come as a domino effect.

  • NBA web sites can’t use players on their web sites.

Apparently, if the NBA does lockout happen; team sites will only be able to talk and show cheerleaders, mascots and charity events. But to put the strict lockout of players, if the players are involved in the charity events, they will not be mentioned. This could lead to less traffic to sites and possibly loss of jobs from no revenue.

  • Less ticket sales

If the same thing happens like in 1999, only a fraction of games will be played. In 1999, there was only 50 games. That’s a lot less money from tickets as well as concession stands, parking, and merchandise purchases while at the arena.

  • Players are on their own

Some players can handle that. They are committed to making themselves better each summer. But there are plenty of players that only work hard with their team pushing them. But with a lockout; players cannot use their team’s exercising equipment. It may be a stretch to call some players lazy but there will be some players that may come back for the next season out of shape.

  • More attention to WNBA

As I write this, I’m watching an WNBA game. And it makes sense, there may be more attention to the WNBA. Now I know the NBA and WNBA don’t really run at the same time; but since there won’t be college or even summer league games on, WNBA is the only option left. Not a knock on the WNBA (I’m enjoying this game that is on right now) but I prefer the NBA stuff.

  • Loss of new fans

This has been a really great year for the NBA in terms of how many fans are watching games. This is the most I’ve heard over the course of the season in terms of record-breaking TV views. But, and this goes to the more fair weather fans, this lockout could be a huge turn off to the fans.

  • Less money for the NBA. Period.

We can talk about different areas that will financially hurt the NBA if the lockout does happen. But in the end, they will lose money. And the irony is that we are at a lockout because of not enough money. Things will not get better for owners and players if the lockout happens because then there will be even less money to talk about.

  • Harmed relationships.

Players and owners need to have a solid relationship for the franchise to be succesful. In some ways it doesn’t matter how good the player is or how smart the owner is; if either one of them don’t like each other, especially the star of the team, it can really sour things up. I don’t think it would be that bad but I’m looking at all possibilities in this post and this possibility is very real.

  • What will we do without Spike VS Jack?

Spike Lee VS Jack Nicholson. They may be two of the most famous die-hard fans the Knicks (Spike) and Lakers (Jack) have. I give Spike more credit. Knicks suck. They’re an upcoming team but still need pieces and defense to contend. It’s easy to cheer for a team that has won 5 championships in a span of 10 years while never missing the players during said span. Lakers are kings of the NBA.

  • Ultimate fan boredom

Yeah…any fan of any team has their dream scenarios of what they want their team to do and how to win the championship. I’m a big 76ers fan so I’m waiting to see if Andre Iguodala gets traded or not but we won’t know until the lockout ends, if there is a lockout. And so is the dilemma of every fan. Just sitting around waiting. The offseason is already boring (compared to the regular season), so with absolutely nothing going on, I don’t know what I’ll do.

I guess that’s all I got. Can you think of any other scenarios? This lockout will do a lot of harm, (when does it do any good?). June 29 seems to be the next meeting between players and owners. If that doesn’t work out; I think it’ll be safe to say that there will be a lockout, unless the deadline can be extended. Fingers crossed + Shrinking hope = I think there will be a lockout but I also believe in miracles. Basic math.


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