We'll basically be on hiatus...kind of. Well, I'm not sure. I'll be on vacation for the next three weeks and will be back to my normal schedule of writing on maybe August 9th or something. However, I may be able to post during the next three weeks I am gone, but don't bet on it. I might here and there, don't bet on it. Plus, maybe some of our writers might put some articles up in these next three weeks, too, but don't be too sure of that either since I dish out most of the posts on the site. But I just want to let you know this. Thank you, and continue reading. While you're at it, I'll hopefully be tweeting a bit so check me out @joshdhani. Also follow my Tumblr because I may put some things up there as well, which is also @joshdhani. So check me out there and explore the old archives if you'd like. Thank you! Enjoy this video, as it is always a tradition when I am on break:

--Josh Dhani


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